If Catcalls Were Politically Correct…

If men could grow up, what would they say to attractive women they saw on the street? 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — henrymakow.com Oct 29, 2016

NEW YORK - AUGUST 8: For Pulse-  Doree Lewak stops by Bryant Park construction site in different outfits for "catcalling" feature. (Astrid Stawiarz/NY Post)“Women are caught in a vise,” I remarked to a friend.  “They’re judged almost entirely on the basis of sex appeal. Nature is so cruel.”
He was describing how he and a male friend had sat in a cafe assigning a grade to the women that passed by.
“Aren’t men pathetic?” I said. “Here we are in our old age, and we still see women the same way we did when we were young. We haven’t grown up.”
This got me thinking.
What if we could grow up?
What would we be saying then?
“I can imagine having a good conversation with that one. Wonder if she gives good repartee?”
“She looks like she’d be a great mother for my children.”
“I can definitely see her decorating our house, and making it feel very comfortable.” 
“Yes, she is attractive but what about her character, personality and talents?”
If these sentiments were vocalized, they would come under the category of mature catcalls. 



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