Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War? — Oct 28, 2016

mein-trumppI predicted Trump will win and asked my readers what the Illuminati’s game plan is.
While most readers favor Trump, Kevin Boyle and others  suspect his real role is to lead Americans into WW3.
Americans would never follow Hillary into battle.

by Kevin Boyle — (

Thanks for the article on Trump. I have been thinking about trying to write such an article on my own blog for a while. The key danger seems to me to be as follows: Trump is on a project to “take back America”.
From whom? Well, quite obviously … Jewish bankers.
When he is elected he is in a perfect position to play the anti-banker-establishment game whilst a major war is engineered in which he will be a more than willing participant … backed by the heartfelt support of an adoring and grateful public (very much in the Hitler fashion).
The international banksters will get their war and they can even publicly oppose it so that they will get everything we know they want while taking NONE OF THE BLAME.
It would be incredibly dangerous for them to try to use the hated Hillary to perform this duty in the current post-Brexit, Trumpist, Euro-Revolting anti-Banking world.
Such a game plan is probably looking to these people, our traditional (but increasingly hated) masters as just PERFECT.
They get their war, while “anti-banker” stooges and dolts can be ascribed blame and (as usual) actually take the blame for a situation that they, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, have artfully engineered.
This looks like a highly possible, even probable, narrative for future events.
On the other hand it is just possible that he means what he says and that Trump really intends, like Vladamir Putin, to make his country’s culture overtly Christian again, to reduce the power and influence of the international banking cartel and set an admirable template of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and freedom for communities that other countries will rush to copy. Just possible. Highly unlikely but you never know. Here’s hoping and praying.



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