Naomi Klein: Sins of Omission — Oct 20, 2016


Jewish central bankers have always used socialism and communism to usurp the wealth of the goyim under the pretext of helping the poor. There has never been shortage of Jewish dupes like anti-capitalist firebrand, Naomi Klein, willing to help them attack their rivals.
“Hamish” summarizes Miles Mathis’ view that Naomi Klein is hyped by the media because she diverts the energies of leftist do-gooders.

by Hamish — (

Naomi Klein is a mainstream media darling who simultaneously enjoys the adulation of so-called anti-Establishment activists.  Why is she applauded by ‘The System’ while concurrently exposing it?
In his article What’s Wrong with Naomi Klein?, Miles Mathis says Klein’s effectiveness as a reality shaper is based on her omitting important facts like 9-11.
Mathis: “Naomi Klein supporters will say something like, ‘You agree with her on almost everything. So how can you say she is a mole? Is it because she is Jewish?’ No, it isn’t because she is Jewish. It is because her articles are published by places like The Nation and Harpers, which are fronts for the faux-left…
Even worse is her position as Miliband Fellow at the London School of Economics. The LSE was founded by Fabians, including George Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb, and Annie Besant. Remember, Besant led the Theosophy movement at the time, which I have shown was an Intel creation. The newer fake progressives like Klein are following the Chomsky-Zinn playbook of first telling their audience everything they want to hear, and only then diverting them into inaction or useless actions. That is why it doesn’t matter that these guys and gals ‘agree with me on everything’. I admit that is mostly true.
“When I go down the list of Chomsky or Zinn or Klein, I do indeed agree with almost everything they say, which is why they are so insidious…


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