Here’s the ONE Fact That Dismantles the ‘Syrian Refugee’ MYTH

Soopermexican — Dec 2015

If you’ve watched the mainstream news media over the past week, you would think that there is an overwhelming Syrian refugee problem of families, women, and children who are trying escape the strife of a war-torn nation.

What you won’t see is this one little fact that completely contradicts that narrative.

And it comes from the United Nations:


Refugee infographic. Click to enlarge

That’s right, if you look at the very bottom right-hand side of the infographic, you’ll find a very interesting statistic. Fully 72% of the “refugees” from the Syrian Civil War are males. Only 15% are children, and even fewer are women – 13%.

So why is this important? Because many are beginning to wonder if this is really a refugee problem, or if it’s an orchestrated invasion of Europe by young males of fighting age.

They don’t even pretend to deny that the reason they’re trying to get to Europe is for the welfare and benefits the socialist countries will bestow on them.

But is there a more insidious intent behind this wave of “refugees” that Europe is welcoming?

The numbers don’t lie.