Moonwalking with the Reverse Kabala Boys

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 19, 2016

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Eadem mutata resurgo
In New Guinea, of the Indonesian persuasion, there is a tribe of about 20,000 called the Asmat. Asmat means, ‘the people’; human beings. They are the only ones who are human. The rest are subhuman. What the Asmat call the other residents around them is, ‘manowe’. It means, ‘the edible ones’. Does this remind you of another tribe of self styled ‘special ones’? Sound like Morlocks to you? I point this out to make it clear that there is not only just one group of self chosen elitists on this planet. However, I suspect that the Asmats are unlikely to enslave and destroy the whole planet.
Meanwhile… the social order is degenerating into utter lunacy:
What you are supposed to do is go to the right sidebar and take your pick of any of the wonderful examples that you may find there.
You can also go here and do the same thing and that would be? Right… go to the menu at your right and take your fill. I don’t think I need to comment on any of this. It speaks for itself.
We are in the midst of wars and rumors of wars; threats of a worldwide war and threats of nuclear war and the irrefutable proof that there is a cabal of Zio-Satanists and sundry… psychopaths all, who are looking to spread mischief and mayhem far and wide. They think that they rule the world and they don’t even rule themselves. They are ruled by demons. I don’t know the specific address of these demons and I don’t want to. That is for the Reverse Kabala Boys. Originally, ‘back in the day’, the Kabala was all about a secret language that made it possible to converse with angels. The thing is that something that works in one direction works in the other one too and in times of material darkness, it is all too easy to go with the flow of the times. Some people (like me) have Aquarius rising and moon in Cancer. Others (like the aforementioned) have penis rising and moon in the abyss.
One might look at the Kabala as a kind of metaphysical flame alphabet that speaks to the Kundalini (remember I am dealing in allegory and analogy here, lest someone take me literally- even though you probably could) and you can talk to the Kundalini and it might go up and it might go down. In these times, according to the will of the demons that have possessed those who think they are in charge of everything, down is the direction dictated by the demons who have possessed the ones who think they rule the world but do not even rule themselves. Let me point something out here in the form of a question. Where do demons live? Where would people possessed by demons wind up living?
Who controls the world and everything in it? Since there is only one God and one source of all force, it seems that it must be true that the one God can be seen from different perspectives, based on where you are coming from. So… if you are wicked you see the devil as God. It’s still God, only it has a scary Halloween mask on. It’s all in your mind so… stand guard at the gateway of your mind; identify with the almighty and not the bent and twisted (not) fun mirror, distorted reflection which is what? It’s distorted. How do you get it as a clear reflection, as opposed to a distorted reflection? Love the divine because that is the true image. Of course, in the beginning there is the seeming distance between the real and the unreal but so long as the mind is fixed upon the ineffable, you will grow in that direction. It takes ‘faith, certitude and determination’. You have to keep on moving toward the true inner light and it will at some point begin to shine forth from you. If you embrace the darkness, because that is the fashion these days, then you will, at least, have company. Of course, you will have company otherwise as well. You will have the company of the eternal brotherhood of light. Call me strange but… I prefer that.
Yes… the world is walking sideways, like a blasted salesman in an unfamiliar town and out on the town, on his way to a mugging; on his way to he knows not where. Yes… the unpredictable and uncertain are now routine but are they your routine? We’ve never wanted to be a part of all of that in the first place and at some point it always falls apart anyway. This is a stage set here. Stages get built up and dismantled all the time. This is a temporary theater of the absurd. If you place your hopes and dreams upon this world it will disappoint you and regardless of any of that, you will pass on and lose everything you had here except for your experiences and what you realized out of them. A degree from Wharton does not translate into the afterlife.
Being a billionaire does not translate into the afterlife. Your looks won’t even translate past a few decades. What about your health and where does that come from? Now there is a key issue. Love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and see what happens. Love God with everything you can muster -and we all have degrees of capacity- and see what happens. I can only speak from experience so your capacity may well dwarf my own but this much I do know… had it not been for my own minimal efforts I would be nowhere near the occasionally wonderful state of being I am more and more being allowed to occupy. No matter what troubles and suffering you may have to endure in this life, there is no suffering and trouble that is so great as the inability to love.
I have been in no way consistent but I have NEVER stopped trying and I never will and eventually the tears and sorrow will fall by the wayside and the love and light of the divine will prevail over every obstacle in this world. It has to be worth it to you or… it is not. It is a proven fact that if you love something you will, at some point, become good at it. If you love something it will come close to you and be a living part of you. How does that apply to loving God?
I recognize that this may sound a little preachy and I recognize that this is Smoking Mirrors but I don’t want to talk about anything else anymore. I’ll try to let a certain amount of the world into these postings, if only for contrast but that is all it is going to be. The world is just a TV show with predictable plot shifts that bounce like a pinball off of the bumpers of circumstance. Unless you love God it is not going to turn out well and if you love God according to some kind of pro forma system, which means it isn’t Love at all, it isn’t going to work out well. I hate to say things like, “You have to toss it into the wind and trust that which makes it possible for the wind to blow in the first place.” Still… that’s how it is. You’re either in all the way or… you’re not in at all, half measures do not avail.
I’ve done my best to entertain and inform to the extent that I’ve got some capacity for dancing word acrobatics but the only part of any of it I ever cared about was when I got to talk about the ineffable. This got me in trouble with Mike Rivero, as much as I tried to accommodate his atheism. I realize it was weak on my part to patronize his position on the matter but I always hoped I could sneak in a mention or two and maybe in the right moment it could touch someone. These days… I no longer care. If it is meant to happen, whoever… will find their way there.
I bring this up to tell you that there is going to be a lot more talking about the ineffable from here on out, regardless of the blog and if the world should sneak in here and there it will only be for the contrast. Talking about anything else is, for me, pretty much a waste of time.
May God bless and inspire and protect you one and all.
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