US Troop Mutiny Possible Around Christmas

(November 21 2003 )Here we are again with the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination upon us. There will have to be the usual retrospectives. Of course, Oswald acted alone. Of course he did not but it has been established that he did to cover up what actually happened so we should interview his wife and others such as Gerald Posner and then forget the entire silly mess for another year. New book out that says LBJ was involved. Another one last year said the CIA did it. No publicity for either thesis.

(November 22) The Pentagon is getting nervous over the continuing, highly orchestrated and deadly, Iraqi resistance. Or as the White House says, “disorganized, minimal local bandits and criminals..” Our reporters are being threatened with unspecified “problems” if they don’t toe the party line. That line? Everything is going to plan now (Question here: Whose plan? If the chaos in Baghdad is part of a plan, someone should be shot.) No negative comments about unhappy and mutinous GIs. No pictures of GIs who have been killed by mobs and mutilated. Especially no pictures or stories about enraged soldiers slaughtering locals in revenge for commando raids. Wolfowitz had an accident with his bladder when rockets slammed into his hotel recently. They mopped up after him as he fled to the airport. These men can certainly dish it out. especially from the safety of a Pentagon bunker…but they can’t take it. Odds are there will be some kind of a “demonstration” or, to be blunt, a mutiny of the troops, around Christmas.

(November 23) The CIA has struck again, this time in Georgia. No, they have not blown up Atlanta but the former Soviet Republic has fallen securely into our hands. We want the area for an oil pipeline since the Taliban are restive again in Afghanistan and the projected Unocal pipeline to the sea is not possible at this point. This is also a shot across Putin’s bows warning him to be more cooperative with us or find us right on his doorstep…the next target will be the Ukraine. The Bush people are thinking about all the Ukrainians living in the US that might vote for George if he makes a show of “liberating” their people from the evil neo-Commie Putin.

(November 24) …hard wired phone companies are going the way of the dinosaur. Government loves this because it is so much easier to snoop on cell phones without bothering to get a warrant. And on this subject, look for a complete resurrection of the FBI’s ‘70s anti war programs. These people will never learn. The repressive activities of these people toppled LBJ and will, if continued, topple Bush…He is threatening the Canadians with various trade sanctions if they don’t stop deserting GIs from taking refuge there…there is a sick joke about Bush having a picture of Hitler on one wall of his bedroom and another of Jesus on the other…Some joker put up a picture of Bush and the Saved Thanksgiving turkey. Caption was “This turkey was reprieved” and the addition was, “which turkey?” Not nice gentlemen. Someone might see this and drop a dime on all of us…

(November 28) Recent publication of an interview with General Franks brings up the institution of martial law by the Administration. There has been some muted but high-level discussions of this subject. Franks is a functioning idiot but the idea of Bush winning the ’04 election like he did the last one…by outright fraud…is a topic inside the Beltway. Plans have been drawn up for the eventuality that some kind of an attack, whether by groups in support of the President or actual foreign terrorists, will happen in the US and the lid can go on. The two groups that are Bush’s most devoted supporters are the Born Again lunatics and the very far right. The first group actually believes the bs that God mandated a Bush presidency and that to lose him to secular humanists must be prevented by any means possible. And for these twisted souls, anything that they feel God wants is OK with them. They are the type that hear little voices in their heads that they believe is God telling them to kill their wives or shoot into that nice yellow school bus full of little African Americans. (The Bush people, especially the AJ, detest blacks because the Jewish elite around him detest blacks.) The ultra right is quivering with joy at the thought of the rest of us praying in schools, goose-stepping up and down the streets like Hitler Youth while American troops occupy most of the world in a New Roman Empire. Of course this is loonie froth on a tankard of stale ale but keep an eye on the nut fringe. This does not mean that Bush and his people would order a “hit” but it does mean that they would be the very first to exploit it, and the American public, to the hilt. Don’t forget the Reichstag Fire in Germany and the ease with which Hitler passed his Enabling Act which clamped the iron collar on the neck of the public.

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