Journalistic Attack Dogs Maul Donald Trump

Rixon Stewart — Oct 16, 2016

Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

The elite want to see World War III unfold, from the safety of their own luxurious nuclear bunkers, of course. At a stroke it will solve what they view as the world’s paramount problem – over-population.
To this end they’ve chosen Hillary Clinton to steer the West toward military confrontation with Russia. That’s why her victory in the upcoming U.S. elections is pretty much a foregone conclusion.
Even though she may lack genuine popular support, the media will do its utmost to create the illusion of widespread backing for her.
One way or another the elite plan to install Hillary Clinton in the White House. Through massively slanted media coverage in the run up to the election, through contrived “scandals” implicating her opponent and fraudulent voting procedures, they intend to see their candidate inaugurated early next year.
Trump himself is saying as much.
He may be brash and brazen and at any other time they may have been able to manipulate him as president but Trump’s readiness to meet halfway with Putin puts him out of contention, at least as far as the elite are concerned.
That’s because at this critical juncture Trump maybe unwilling to steer the West toward military confrontation with Russia. As a result the media are now working overtime to put him out of the race.
In the words of the correspondent who sent in the following:
They’re starting to throw the “anti-Semitic fraud” the Protocols of Zion at Donald Trump. he must be getting something right…
Indeed, Trump has obviously got the elite seriously worried. We suspect that there’s a lot of genuine grass-roots support for him among ordinary U.S. voters and, contrary to what the media keeps insinuating, it may not be confined to White working-class Americans either.
Consequently the media campaign against Trump has just intensified. We are now being told in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump is indeed an “anti-Semite”. This despite the fact that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump is married to a Jew and some of his grandchildren are being raised as Jews.
Such facts hold little weight for the journalistic attack dogs that have just been set on Donald Trump, however. I’ve linked two examples sent in by the correspondent below and they speak volumes about how the media is now working to prevent him from entering the White House.
In the words of the New York Times hit piece:
“Mr. Trump veers dangerously close to the territory of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion…”
In other words Donald Trump is getting a little too close to the mark especially when he says things like:
“Reporters at The New York Times are not journalists. They are corporate lobbyists for Carlos Slim and Hillary Clinton”.
— Donald Trump at a rally in Greensboro on Friday
Carlos Slim is a Mexican telecommunications billionaire who is the largest single shareholder of New York Times stock and a generous contributor to the Clinton Foundation. So he’s exactly the sort of super rich mogul that Hillary Clinton’s policies will be tailored to benefit.
Such individuals want to see World War III, from the luxury of their well-appointed bunkers. They want the world’s population drastically reduced and those who survive to become little more than serfs for the global super rich. Hillary Clinton has been chosen to initiate the process. If she gets into the Oval Office I will confidently predict a military clash between the West and Russia within two years of her inauguration.

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