The Occult Meaning of Weeknd’s “Starboy”

By VC — Vigilant Citizen Oct 7, 2016

The Occult Meaning of the Weeknd's Starboy. Click to enlarge

The Occult Meaning of the Weeknd’s Starboy. Click to enlarge

Starboy features The Weeknd destroying his house using an illuminated cross. This strange scene has a powerful occult meaning, especially when one considers The Weeknd’s previous videos. We’ll take a closer look at the occult meaning of Starboy.
The Weeknd’s collaboration with Daft Punk is a somewhat perplexing one. While the lyrics celebrate the singer’s fame and material possessions, the video depicts him destroying his house using with a red glowing cross. All the while, The Weeknd chants that he’s a “starboy”, a term that has more than one meaning.
While, at face value, starboy could mean a boy who is a star in the entertainment business, the symbolism associated with the song introduces an occult aspect to it all. Indeed, the video has a ritualistic tone which plays on the classical death and rebirth narrative found in esoteric initiations. Did The Weeknd ‘ascend’ in the occult world, making him a starboy?

The Previous Trilogy

In my first article about The Weeknd, I analysed the videos Can’t Feel My Face, Tell Your Friends and The Hills which form a trilogy. When these three videos are pieced together tell a story about The Weeknd meeting a figure holding an apple – a reference to Lucifer in the garden of Eden. In Can’t Feel My Face, Lucifer literally sets The Weeknd on fire and figuratively lights up his career. Here’s a summation of the trilogy.

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