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The world is like a gun in the hands of a child


John Kaminski — The Rebel.is Oct 1, 2016

There is nobody you can call for help. The authorities you were taught to trust are criminals. You abide them because secretly you want to be as rich as them, which makes you look the other way when they commit their crimes that kill millions.

Systems we have relied upon are breaking down. They told us lies to make us feel good that were meant to quell our outrage at the perpetual shrinking of our freedoms. Now they are toppling from the weight of their own corruption.

When there is no one left to defend our honor, then we will be worthless and defeated. The first step is acknowledging the damage our past unconsciousness has allowed to occur, followed by the second and final stage which is to undo it as best we can.

To not do that is to forfeit our potential as worthwhile human beings.

We begin by understanding that we are poisoning ourselves and everything around us by pursuing profitability without honor and consciousness, the hallmarks of a healthy society without which it is soon overtaken by ruin (as America is today), rusting from within due to a lack of reinvigorating purpose and authentic pride in worthwhile achievements.

We see this absence today in the cynical righteousness of superficial politicians luring peasants with glowing promises of wealth distribution dragging the whole country down from its ivory tower into a polluted husk of its former self. The notorious international bankers scramble everyone’s genes and turn them into uniform numbers, real lives to be cashed in at propitious moments determined by the men who own your money and control your lives.

America struts around the world flexing its military muscle, determining the political structure of countries it enslaves. All this epidemic over the past 20 years of sanctions, no fly zones, and murdering foreign leaders has produced shill governments in all of Israel’s neighbors (except Syria), and has cast a gigantic shadow over the world that signifies when American ships show up, people are going to die.

I was always interested in the movements of the U.S. fleet. It seemed to me that media blast the public with tidal waves of fear, like World War III could start at any minute, with a combined Western armada perched in the Persian Gulf for so long, or frolicking in the South China Sea — everywhere in the world the United States shows a desire for war, even at home, because that is how this banker-run country has always made its living.

Or the weaponizing of the breakaway Soviet republics by the Jewish neocons is something that most people have not picked up on — is it just part of the passion play to keep us on edge, or are we one push of a button from worldwide annihilation? And the button is in the hands of known liars and psychos!

I remember a line from a dead writer’s long forgotten novel . . . “those who can kill you will”.

Having been in the Navy I have some appreciation of the danger of U.S. fleets. They could destroy a whole country in an hour with an overwhelming series of salvos. Fortunately both Russia and Iran have missiles that could wipe out a fleet in minutes.

As Smedley Butler said so long ago, U.S. foreign policy is nothing more than strong-armed robbery, backed up by bigger weapons than have ever been seen on this planet.

All those people around the world remember that we robbed them. And that we’re still abusing all of them.

Either we resist the tyranny or we become its slaves.

Wars never stop, and likely never will. Like one continuous army of snakes they slither across time, fanning out, nesting everywhere. They’re like an overturned bottle of syrup, they spill their grisly trauma into other countries, and the moneymaking cycle of killing for cash continues unabated throughout history as the fastest way to make the really big bucks.

What kind of psycho would encircle a declared enemy with token tanks and missiles whose purpose is only to intimidate, to coerce the enemy into a false move from which a worldwide conflagration could easily develop?

An American president, that’s what kind of psycho! Their achievements are legendary and they all belong in a case history file of a narcissistic megalomaniacs taking orders from ruthless bankers who are constantly inventing some noble reason to invade another country to steal its resources.

America is the bully of Earth’s collective neighborhood. Its people are kept blinded by their own fatuous media, and its leaders obey the dictates of an authority more persuasive than the U.S. Constitution. I mean, why keep an oath when you can make millions?

The purpose of government and the policy of the Jewish banker puppetmasters is to keep all nations in a permanent state of disarray and impoverishment in order to control all requirements for supply and demand. Their plan is for obedient, one personality types devoid of unpredictable originality to subsist and produce profit for the bankers.

You see it happening everywhere today, creeping around the globe like a fatal fungus. As the population becomes more visibly divided into prisoners and guards, conflicts involving race or religion further deteriorate already decaying and pointless neighborhoods.

It makes them easier to control as they scramble to grab the government checks that keep them alive.

Can’t expect any redress from Congress. Congress is itself a a criminal cabal, with salary for life as long as they sign their pledge to support Israel.

We need somebody to stand up and tell us who we are, not some fairy tale that gives advantage to a certain breed of perverted men.

Nature is not perverted. Those who try to change nature, to improve it, are the real perverts, their normal fear of death metastasized into madness.

Visionaries are always killed by profiteers, their inventions either exploited or suppressed, depending on what the market dictates. All the truly great inventions, like Tesla’s electrical system, are hidden away from the public because they are simply too beneficial and threaten existing profit strategies (a.k.a. oil and nukes).

The world evolves ever according to rich men’s preferences, and with each passing year we more clearly perceive the course of our voyage to be a whirlpool churning ever closer to a black drain we’d as soon not think about.

If only we could be who we always hoped to be — but as it happens the human species has been transformed into the disgusting homunculus known as the Jew, hunched over and consumed by his own sick, dark, onanistic compulsions.

There are those who would insist the world does have a captain. Throughout history millions have died in battles over his sacred name. And even today the penchant of pious zealots to kill infidels over psychological imprinting serves as an all-purpose excuse to kill people who interfere with the big boys’ plans to take what they want from whomever they want and justify it in their corrupt courts.

The world has become so smug in its technological expertise I think that even the scientists have lost their bearings in their own esoteric number crunching, because the rug that has been pulled out from under them is the sudden absence of a consistently reliable narrative of what reality actually is.

If history is a fraud what exactly is the truth of the matter?

The reality they have attempted to force upon us is that “they hate our freedoms” and shipped the remaining steel to China before any sort of tampering could be detected. As a result proper questions have never been able to be asked because the forensic investigation was completely prohibited lest the true identity of the perpetrators be inadvertently revealed.

I first learned this after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 when a truck bomb sitting outside the Murrah Building somehow managed to blow the building from the inside out, and for 20 years nobody but General Partin has ever mentioned it.

This level of dishonesty reflects the disease of a dying nation going from self-deception into catatonia, unable to process even basic information when the facts are clearly presented to its befuddled populace.

A ship surely to soon run aground on the shoals of insanity when all the lies are finally added up and our leaders called to account.

This current neocon anesthesia reflects a total inversion of reality, in which number crunchers maintain total control over those who labor honestly for their lives.

Washington warmongers accuse Russia of exactly the crimes the U.S. is committing, the worst of which is engineering the whole tragedy in the first place, and then bombing Syrian troops while pretending to be fighting ISIS.

The Russians proved the situation could be easily cleared up, but the real powers that be — Israelis, Saudis, Americans — don’t want the situation cleared up. They want the continued expansion of the Jewish world empire to solidify its inflexible hold on the entire Middle East, with each of Israel’s neighbors turned into a pile of rubble and begging for the mercy of the Jews. And to run that pipeline from Qatar to Turkey through Syria.

We’re on a ship without a captain, and the world simply doesn’t know what to do. There is no one to turn to but ourselves.

Where is the leader we can turn to who is guided by humanity’s finest principles, and who is not interested in building up kingdoms in which his friends can live in opulence and the rest of the rabble can’t reach him?

Today there are so many levels of bureaucracy insulating elected representatives from their constituents it takes cold hard cash to capture anyone’s attention. And that’s the way the world is. The little people can’t keep up and depend on handouts.

As with Europe, the conclusion of this process is to be overrun by savages, preventing those host countries from fulfilling their true potential, being dragged down into hollow-brained ghetto jive.

We need a leader to tell us what to do, someone who is fair-minded and doesn’t play favorites. Has such a man ever existed? Maybe not.

Likely if he ever did exist he was murdered by the money changers, a popular practice that continues to this day. There are plenty of examples of this nasty practice. Two come to mind — Jesus and Hitler, who are known for words that benefited humanity and were obliterated and belittled by the bankers.

Some say history’s most heroic human beings were all assassinated because they tried to rescue helpless victims of the power of profit. You should look them up, contemplate the reasons why they keep getting killed. Wonder no longer about who murders all of humanity’s best people.

You can bet that every assassin ever hired was hired by a Jew. It is because we have never had, at least in America, a leader who was free of ideological subterfuge, and strong enough morally in reputation and achievement to stand up and say, “Enough of this. Our destiny is higher than thoughtless plunder.”

So that now our ship without a captain is forever running aground on the folly of its own delusions, and eventually the price the Jews will charge for this will be everything.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.