Julian Lee- “Racists” Defend True Diversity

henrymakow.com — Sept 28, 2016

When Julian Lee moved to Portland in 2009, he thought he had found one of the few remaining white cities in America. However his idyll was spoiled when Jewish subversives posted stickers in his neighbourhood demanding that “racist activity” be reported.
On walks with his dog, “Pug”, Lee found himself altering these missives to provide a message more to his liking. They responded by posting his picture and calling him a Nazi. Whites are learning too late that their governments have been  subverted and their “leaders” are using migration to transform the West

by Julian Lee — How I Became a Jewish Target by Taking Down Their Racist Anti-White Stickers (excerpt by henrymakow.com)

nazi-trash-posterI had been told that Portland was one of only two remaining majority-White metropolises. That is not why I had come here — I had come simply to be closer to one of my children — but I had heard that. Still, I can’t tell you what epiphany and delight it was to arrive here after years in California and be, once more, among “my own people” — like white girls behind the counter who smiled at you and you could make small talk with instead of surly foreigners as is almost universal in California.
Or teams of white men working in the streets, likely with families back home, working like a well-acquainted and comfortable team and “getting things done.” Or an amazing flashback: An older white man in the electronics section of a grocery store who wore a white shirt and tie and knew all about the gear. I realized I never saw that in California. California was being ethnically cleansed.
Yet already there were signs that certain people in the city thought that the majority white state of Portland, which had long obviously been attracting people to the city, was some kind of “bad” thing.
Unbenownst to me they had even passed an unfair “Affirmative Action” law giving first place in hiring to non-whites. I often wondered: “Can’t the world be diverse enough to contain one or two majority white towns? Especially in America?” The ethnic cleansing of Portland had begun.


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