Homeless Man Thinks Charity Begins at Home

henrymakow.com — Sept 25, 2016

Homeless man (not 'Jon'). Click to enlarge

Homeless man (not ‘Jon’). Click to enlarge

“Jon,” a Canadian who lived in his car for a year, recounts how the experience hardened him. He wonders why Canada imports refugees and ignores its own homeless, especially if they are white men.

by “Jon” — (henrymakow.com)

What bothered me more than living in the car was the absolute lack of concern, compassion, care from society. The people who knew I lived in a car did not invite me for a meal..no Christmas or thanksgiving dinner or a bed..shower. No one came by with extra blankets and goods, or just to sit and talk.
As a man… born and raised in Canada… I was worthless. No Christian, no religious person cared.
The government has an unlimited number of programs for homeless women…and homeless women with children…and refugees, but few for white men.
One’s attitude changes after a year. There is an emotional draining that would equal a rusty bucket trying to hold water. And when the rust sets in, it keeps growing. The hole cannot be patched.
People who wish to support refugees have not been homeless. If they had been, they would know we need to help our neighbours first. The Canadian resources are ours collectively. The homeless want their share.
I tell young people to not be nice, to look after themselves first, to understand that their competition is now not only other men, but women who get more government help, and immigrants.
Those wishing to return to the “good old days” are never going to see that time again. I hope they have good memories and lots of photos.


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