All Things in and Out of Time

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 25, 2016

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I have spent this whole morning today, since 5:00 Am, reading about and listening about Ken O’Keefe and Zen Gardner and in all that time, the thing that came most immediately to my eyes and my heart and my mind was my saying over and over to myself, “thank god I am not in this situation.” As is well known to anyone who has followed my career (such as it has been) I have had some major episodes. I can honestly say that more than half of them were not my fault; given that I was just playing myself but everyone else wasn’t playing along. Thankfully, I have never played in the big leagues like this. I’ve always been small time and small time suits me just fine. I have tried my best to talk about the almighty; the ineffable, the divine, the Mother, the whatever it is or has been that has stood as an image for me. Irrespective of whatever errors I have ever made, my love of God is inviolate. I have never gravitated toward money, material success or anything in the manifest, given the limitations of the bandwidth. As I like to say, ‘it is what it is.’ I want to point out that this is no judgment on either of these fellows. I am in no position to judge, nor do I know all I would need to know even to have an opinion. I only mentioned it because it was what I was up to trying to figure it all out. Finally I just walked away. The truth of it will find its way to wherever it needs to go.
All the darkness in this world and all the light that streams through the cracks, convinces me of one thing; god loves us one and all and… it is up to us whether we cash in on that (pun intended) or we cash out. In the end it is simply what currency you put your faith in. I’ve always believed, “In God we trust” but I have yet to find God looking back at me from a piece of paper. Ultimately all governments are corrupted by those entrusted with overseeing the obligations that they bypassed on their way to power. Of all the ugly perfumes that waft through this world, power and the pursuit of it are among the most noxious. The idea that you can lord it over your fellows has been to me the worst efforts one can make. The Soviet Socialist Republic was an example of that. I could talk about Mao but no one cares about the Chinese, except the Chinese. I, of course, do care about the Chinese and much of what I most deeply believe comes out of the more ancient aspects of their culture. I meant that only in the way that people, in these times, have trouble identifying the individuality and rights of others unless those others come out of their own demographic.
Everything looks the same, except when it is not the same. I believe in all of us, regardless of race, color, creed or religion. I have had my ass saved by so many diverse personalities who were not of my persuasion by virtue of race, color, creed or religion. ‘It is what it is.’
I have been watching videos and listening to radio interviews and it is a suffocating fact that eventually… it will overwhelm you. So it has been for me today. I am supposed to get on the road shortly but I have yet to because of planetary concerns (grin). There is a troll named Salvatore who has been on my case in the nastiest fashion lately. He’s come out of nowhere and has no credentials here of any kind. This morning he was howling at me about being a liar because I was talking about driving to Camden with a close friend who had hurt her foot and needed to go to the hospital and the doctor she had to see was 75 miles away. He said that Camden is not in the west and since I was supposed to be out west looking for somewhere to live, I was a liar. I had already written about why I had not left and even posted astrological discourse about it, yet… none of this mattered to him. There was even a response from the astrologer (Bob) in the posting where I mentioned this. It is because of the uniformed lunacy of his commentary that I have not allowed his comments into print. If you want to criticize me you have every right and if you will verifiably identify yourself I will let you but… if you completely ignore the information given and take off on a shrieking loon fest that is already demonstrably proven to be a load of excrement, due to printed evidence to the contrary, I’m not going to give you a forum. This guy REALLY doesn’t like me. Well… that is going to come with the territory.
Personally, I have always been of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what others think about you. What matters is the legacy you leave behind you. What matters is how history remembers you and most importantly what kind of friends you made on your way and who they are. Life is, at times, excruciatingly long and regrettably short. It takes turns and twists we never imagined it would take before it started to twist and turn. Who among us thought we would be where we are now that this is where we are? What are we to think about what lies ahead? If we have done the best that we can then it is my belief that the almighty will be compassionate. Even if we have not it is my belief that the almighty will be compassionate but it is also my belief that the laws of Karma, which we in the west know as Newton’s Third Law, has a certain preeminence over everything, save for grace and the good offices of a legitimate guru.
There are some terrible events taking place in the world these days. You won’t hear about this on the nightly news because the same people doing this have near total control of the media. There was a time when I was getting somewhere, or it looked like it, and I was getting tens of thousands of hits on youtube. One of them was well over a hundred thousand and then I went back on a particular day and there was only 4,000 something. I watched this happen to all of my collaborations with Patrick Willis. I hear regularly that people cannot access my sites at work and on those rare occasions when I used to check web site ratings I was in Siberia. I’ve never been affected by this in the slightest and I thank god for that. It is easy to become outraged and angered at one’s perceptions of the world’s unfairness but getting angry, ever, at something you cannot change is a fool’s gambit. What I am getting to is that I am incredibly and immeasurably grateful and in most cases it is not because of what I am but because of what I am not.
I am not spraying skunk juice on defenseless people whose land got stolen by the people who are doing it and who have no right to even be there. These people do. The whole world knows some amount of things about this sad and tragic spectacle but very few people know anymore than the invidious lies being told about the subject. Those of us who do know are helpless to do anything about it. The best we can hope for on our own behalf is to set a good example; to live according to principles that seem to have gone out of vogue. In the heartland of this country are some truly decent people who, within the parameters of their understanding, are trying to do the right thing but they don’t know what the right thing is. Their hearts tell them one thing and the totally perverted airways tell them something else. They love their country and want to protect it and also all the things they believe it was built on and stands for are lies. It puts them in the unfortunate position of sincerely seeking to defend something that doesn’t exist and which is done in their name and financed by their tax dollars; a nation of psychopaths are spraying skunk juice into the homes and apartments of people simply trying to live.
I am not doing so many things and I am grateful and I know that many of the readers who come here are grateful that the same is true about them. The point is that it is not always what we are that counts as much as what we are not. There is determined and focused action and there is determined restraint. The complexity of existence and the rules that control it are beyond the scope of any intellect. We can only know what we know depending on whom we are hosting within and that is the sum of it all and that is why I say you can only go so far without a guide. As we progress on a personal level, the quality of the indwelling increases in relation to it. There is no limit to what is possible for us. There are only the limits that we place upon ourselves and we will surely place such limitations if we believe we can achieve it on our own because the personal self has boundaries of awareness that it cannot pass beyond. Only God can know God. Only when God awakens within you can you see existence as it really is.
This whole world is God’s playground and God uses it for no other purpose than to find himself or herself in us. In the beginning the almighty split into countless particles and each of them were designated for the form and function they came into being for and from there the incredibly complex and Byzantine progression went on and on. Even rocks have a level of consciousness. The great key to the mystery of existence is awareness and the principle upon which it is all based is electromagnetism. It is all the result of attractiveness. What I call the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Love God! It is as simple as that. Love God and whatever the course of your journey may be, you will arrive safely home. I am on the last book of The Aghora Trilogy. As if the second book wasn’t enough, this one absolutely will reduce you to surrender and Bhakti as the only safe path to travel.
My friends, I am officially on my way and I will see some of you and then I will see the rest of you at some time and in some place; hopefully, in the short term it will be at the place my friends and I chose to live once we find it as this journey is supposed to show us. All things in and out of time.
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We’ll see if I can get a radio broadcast out before I leave (grin)