Driving Down the Road and I Have no Idea Where

Smoking Mirrors — Sept 22, 2016

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Is it real? Is any of it real? Bombers in New York? While Kissinger is in Paraguay stabbing kittens with a fork. Since the inception of these blogs we have always been adamant about what large charities are all about. They are money mills for the rich. If you were paying attention to the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and if you saw the prominent presence of Bush the Stupid and Bush the Kennedy Killer and Clinton the Drug Baron and all those rock stars of which the worst is always Bono, then you know that generally; meaning nearly all the time, the money never finds its way to the ones it is supposed to find its way to. We pointed out over a decade ago here that Hunger Porn is a major, continuously regenerating, IPO and we pointed out that in Africa, all these evangelists go into these areas of famine and need and… in their Banana Republic safari suits they seat these small black children, with their swollen bellies on their laps after… after having painted sugar water under their eyes to attract the flies. If you need more detail about (other things- not the sugar water, I got that somewhere else) this you can read Paul Theroux’s “Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown.” Since we are on this particular subject but… more importantly this particular writer, be sure to get a copy of “Blinding Light.” Maybe a lot of people who have thought I was crazy won’t feel the same way afterwards, having read this book.
My life is awash in The Mother these days. Every time it looks like I will fall, she catches me. It is uncanny. All my life, I have become accustomed to defeat and even ignominy but I am still here. What are the odds? What are the odds? I think back about the alleged suicide of Hunter Thompson and Danny Casolaro; of which the obvious is the obvious and I think to myself, “If they had only had The Mother, they would have been okay..” Maybe they still are. I don’t make the rules. I just abide by them because the real rules are inviolate. You can’t break them but… they will break you if you do not bend. “Those who do not bend will break.” The incomparable Lao Tzu is the author of that.
I have my heroes and I suspect you do too. Long ago when I was just a know nothing punk, like I probably still am… I got Lao Tzu. I got him so much that I would take massive amounts of LSD and simply read his words over and over and over and over and over again; sometimes for the entire day, over and over and over and over and over again. I couldn’t stop myself in those days. When everyone else was talking about free love and peace and justice, I was thinking, ‘same as it always was, same as it always was.’ Of all the things in this life, I have loved Wisdom more than anything else and Understanding follows close behind. You can’t have Wisdom without Understanding. They are the twin pillars, just as in the behavioral sense, it is ‘faith, certitude and determination’.
My friends, we have come a long way with each other. We have walked this road, you and I and we have found some measure of serenity and tranquility. They are both the same, my friends. Speaking only for myself, I have found some measure of peace, regardless of what I am getting put through, I want to take this opportunity to say that, “I love you… every one of you.” I know that I have been unbalanced at times. I have been reckless in my pursuit of the almighty but… in the end, I found the almighty and that is all that counts… all that counts and all that will ever count.” We are the sum total of what we have done under the gaze of invisible eyes. These are, truth be told, like Ozymandias Under pitiless eyes. Truth be told, we are ourselves measured against the pitiless eyes of history, as it is recorded through the propaganda of the victors who, last time I heard about it, are the ones who write whatever history we hear about; if we are even paying attention in the first place.
Regardless of all the things I have done right or wrong in this life, I have ALWAYS sought to do the right thing. I may not have always known what that right thing was but I did my best. Before you criticize me, ask yourself… how well you would have done? How well would you have done???
I need to point out that God is always watching. God is ALWAYS watching; through your eyes, through your ear. Every time you taste something. Every time you touch someone, “like sunlight dancing on your skin.” Through all the things we have been put through, we are still here and that has to mean something. It all means something but I don’t know what that is.
In this life I have seen so many things. Half of them went right by me. The other half of them just mystified me. Sometimes when I dream, I am in ancient Atlantis, or Lemuria, or all those places that if you measured them against the relentless march of time, the world has come up wanting.
Truth be told. My position now is to love all of you, as much as I can. I cannot help myself. I actually care. Give me some credit, I really care. I really do. My friends, my loving you is not handicapped by an inability to get it …along with the status quo. The world we live in is not the world I used to know. It is a different world now. I am prepared to leave here and am even considering the route of departure. It will not be like Danny or Hunter. My friends are too powerful for that and will not permit it but… reality and truth are such fragile things when you never saw any portion of them to begin with. Every day I sit on my deck or drive by in the car and I see people texting or talking on a phone. I cannot imagine that whatever it is that made the conversation so important is actually that important that they can’t pull over to make it happen. Sometimes, I think of myself as an action hero who slams the car into their conveyance just to get their attention; “honey, could you please hold? I’ve got someone else on the other line.” I stand up on the deck and yell at them when they go by on a bicycle. Obviously I am not sane. My friends here are not sure what to make of me but since they are laughing I assume it is alright.
Some strange virus is sweeping the world. I don’t know what it is because it has not affected me… yet. However, I see it every day. I was driving down the road yesterday, taking a friend to the hospital, she had broken her foot and… maybe it was coincidence and maybe not …but every car going by had the driver texting or on the phone and it was as if it was being demonstrated for me. I was driving to Camden at that time to the Cooper Hospital and I saw so many accidents waiting to happen that I suddenly wished I was back in Europe… no- Europe is out. I thought of Asia… hmmm. I am planning to go back to India, if I survive this cross country episode but where… where? Where is there anywhere to rest in peace; RIP… except for Bhutan? Life on this planet at this time, it haunts me. I am torn between screaming at the world as it goes by and trying to embrace everyone who passes me in the street. It is an agony of confusion.
I know who the bad guys are. I do not know who the good guys are and… as day follows day, the supposed good guys are more frequently turning into bad guys, as we have seen in the last couple of months. More and more, Mr. Apocalypse is bringing everyone down. If they can’t see themselves in the mirror then the reflection will be blurred and twisted. It is that Jekyll and Hyde thing. We didn’t mean to turn into monsters. It just happened. It happened because we could no longer see ourselves and this is what happens in this life. When materialism preempts the capacity to clearly observe what is happening right in front of your eyes, it is no longer what it appears to be. It is only what it does not appear to be. It is as if all the angels that previously lit our way are now the demons who darken our path. I am just one man in search of wisdom and understanding and I have not found these things. I am still looking. I am always looking
I really do love all of you. The emails that I get are priceless. I have this friend in Australia named Rakib that I hear from every month and Smyma and so many wonderful people that make me feel good about myself but… in the end, you make it possible for me to show up. I am in the worst circumstances I have ever been in, simply because the world is being set on its ear. My personal problem is that I feel everything and it doesn’t matter who it is happening to; I feel it. Telepathy is as much a curse as a blessing. Once long ago, certain powers were delivered to me and I cast most of them aside because I knew I could not handle it. So… I have erred on the side of giving a shit and now, we just surf the dirty waters of a dying age.
Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. Hang in there. It won’t be too long now. Do the best you can.
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