The Dissident Catch 22

Rebel of Oz — Sept 19, 2016

What happens if a ten your old know-it-all tells his teachers or parents that what they are saying is not true. If he is lucky, they only ignore him. If he’s not, they retaliate. After a while, even his peers will get annoyed with him and sooner or later bully him, because he seems to think that he is smarter than them.
If a respected person says the same thing, it is a different story. Then, people will listen to his arguments and possibly agree. However, if someone considered having little knowledge and experience, then he is only making a fool out of himself.
For dissidents, that means that to be listened to and taken seriously, they need to be perceived as experts or scholars in the field they are talking about. That’s why groupings like “architects for 911 truth” or “pilots for 911 truth” are so highly effective. And that’s why the kosher nostra is so hard on their case.
If you are an academically qualified World War II historian, people will certainly pay attention to your views. However, if you don’t toe the line and don’t parrot the usual kosher lies, you commit career and social suicide. And it is not like the ruling mobsters are stupid. They will not allow anyone to a position of power and influence, without making sure that they are holding him firmly by his balls.
That’s where membership in Freemason lodges and Jewish wives come into play. You can’t reach the top without at least one of the two. In fact, in most Western countries, you can’t even become a newspaper editor, a government minister, university dean, bishop, judge, police chief or general, without joining a lodge. It has been like this for the past 100-120 years.
Making yourself vulnerable is an essential part of the process. While in the olden days, they simply killed someone who no longer took their orders; in some cases, they even wiped out their entire country. Take the example of our beloved Prophet Adolf (PBUH.) However, in many cases, irreparable damage was already done. That’s why the “elite” wants more power over their “house slaves.” The punishment for disobedience must be worse than death. The kosher nostra wants to have so much dirt on its puppets, that even their parents, siblings and children will no longer talk to them when they find out.
One or two generations ago, the threat of being exposed as a homosexual was still enough to make powerful people toe the line. These days such threat are no longer enough. Our future “leaders” must engage in hideous acts of paedophilia and satanic rituals, for the “elite” to be sure that they won’t go “rogue.”
The catch 22 of dissidents is how to gain the credibility needed to be effective without making themselves vulnerable and compromising themselves. The only way to do so is by gaining credibility and a reputation as an independent expert, preferably outside of the system, and flying under the radar for as long as needed to get established. Unfortunately, there is little, if any money in doing so.


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