No Country for Oil Men — Sept 18, 2016

Fear and Loathing in oil-poor Alberta

On May 5, 2015 the socialist NDP Party under Rachel Notley, below, won a landslide victory in Alberta, Canada’s most conservative province. This happened because the conservative vote was split and the electorate hoped to cushion the fall in oil prices with government spending. Since then the socialists have changed the face of a once thriving province with a healthy civic culture. Alberta resident “Mick” vents his frustration.


by Mick — (

images (73).jpeg Welcome to the dawn of Communism in Alberta. With each passing day Rachel Notley shows us why she was brought in to Alberta legislature – and that is to make Alberta a communist/socialist province.
Since this incompetent feminist seized power in Edmonton, along with the narcissist charlatan posing as a federal PM in Ottawa (Trudeau), the once prosperous and rich Province of Alberta has been turned into a declining and Have Not Province over night. People are fleeing Alberta; mortgage defaults are skyrocketing and  AB families are struggling to put enough food on the table.  And what does she do about it?
She shuts down coal mines and wants to phase coal out because it’s a “dirty” energy, leaving thousands and thousands of Albertans with no work.


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