Broken Icons and Truly Enduring Archetypes

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Sept 18, 2016

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Oh… we are going to have a field day here! I was going to link certain other things first but this one has to take the bukkake for the moment. This site that I just discovered has a lot of radical postings and some of them are just off the wall but some are not only spot on but truly funny! More importantly I am coming across the kind of information that is really mindblowing. I always thought Bill W. who founded AA was a hero and then I see something like this;
“Bill Wilson, aka Bill W., co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 after being repeatedly institutionalized due to his drinking. His inspiration for founding AA came from a “vision” of God he had while on belladonna, an extremely powerful hallucinogen that was used as a quack cure for alcoholism up until a few decades ago. While never formerly diagnosed, Wilson’s grandiose personality and self-aggrandizing behavior fits the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Despite being a Christian and a vocal advocate for temperance, Wilson was a serial adulterer known for coercing young women who joined AA into sexual relationships, a practice now known as “13th stepping.” Yet, while he was busy taking advantage of attractive girls who were recovering from alcoholism, Wilson remained unemployed throughout his life and depended on his wife Lois to pay the bills with her day job.
Additionally, despite the purported success of AA in helping drunks sober up, Wilson repeatedly relapsed throughout his life and even begged for whiskey on his deathbed. The inability of the Twelve Steps to cure even the man who thought them up is borne out in AA’s horrifically high failure rates. According to scientific studies, 90 to 95 percent of alcoholics who join AA end up relapsing within six months, and AA may in fact be worse for alcoholics then doing nothing at all.”
There are links in the section where you will find this …in the first link given …so you can explore that on your own. I felt chills discovering this, when I had an entirely different perspective due to accepting the party line. Wow!
I have often not liked myself very much and not for anything that I did particularly but because of early telepathic invasion as a child. I recognize the cause of it but I suspect, like all the other things in my life that they happened for a reason. In recent times, I have found out so many truths about people that I previously admired that I now think better of myself than I ever did before. By comparison, my own fuckups and failings do not approach what I have found out about people that I had placed on a pedestal. It’s sad when you come to find that new reasons for appreciating yourself are based on you finding out that you are nowhere near as bad as so many others (grin)… but I’ll take it. Thank you… heh heh.
I would like to point out here that it is my belief and something I have also witnessed- that AA does work and has profoundly changed lives. That the success rate is as low as it is is testimony to how powerful the disease-allergy-state of possession actually is. Regardless of all I have just read here about Bill W. and the amount is considerable, I haven’t lost an iota of faith in the program. I believe it works if you work it. Similarly, religions are filled with bounders, hypocrites and sanctimonious scoundrels as well as rank upon rank of sexual psychopaths and mass murderers. This has no bearing on legitimate spiritual experiences that are the fruits of the lives of sincere believers and I’m not talking about the Eric Hoffer version, although I admire him a great deal. Hoffer is an example of why I encourage people to read biographies. It helps to put your own suffering into perspective. I can assure you I have suffered greatly in this life but… I also know there are others who have suffered more. Just because most people have not suffered as I have means nothing …when there are others who have suffered more. I now look at all of my sufferings as blessings in disguise, even though they are no longer disguised from me. The higher goals in this life always come at a cost. If you are not willing to risk it all then those who dispense these conditions and things are unlikely to confer them upon you.
Like Hoffer, I was impressed by Montaigne, as well as La Rochefoucald and Montesquieu. I believe that the entire American Revolution was based on ideas presented by these men and I try to celebrate this in my song, Vive La France, which I wrote when Americans got all wacked about France not supporting our aggressions against Afghanistan and Iraq; Freedom Fries? Uh huh…
My life, such as it has been, has been molded by the impress made upon me by great thinkers, visionaries and mystics. They left the footprints that I followed. They wrote the hard earned truths that changed my life. I now live in a world like this and where shit like this is being served as our daily bread. I live in a world where Mercedes is now making gay commercials and people like this are the new spokesnutjobs. Tell me that this guy is not mentally ill. The logical and expected result is absolute horseshit along these lines. That whole march of perversity is being pushed by sold out celebrities who are the face icons for reverse Kundalini Satanists, whose intention is to reduce the world to a state of confusion where international control is rendered into the hands of the evil few as the result of it.
I don’t care what people get up to sexually as long as it involves consenting ‘adults’. I might have an opinion on it but that is my affair. I can think what I like. Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I am right (unintentional rhyming). However, when the entire schematic is electronically and magnetically charged for the purpose of social modification and I can feel its hot fetid breath on my neck as I pass… then… well, then I’m not amused. I can see what is going on in front of my eyes. It is possible that since I know the senses are being manipulated for gain by those who work appearances, uh… uh huh.
Yesterday I spoke with Our Lady of Everything and I’ve had problems understanding certain realities that come upon me. I won’t say I was confused. It wasn’t confusion. It is simply that some things are beyond the reach of my awareness. Anyway, she said, “My son, you have many friends in the invisible and they have advised you and helped to carry you on your way. They have also tested you and tried you to prove you. What they have done has brought you further up the road but… though they have been useful in guiding you, only I can fix you. Only I can fix you. I believe this. Today, on this Sunday, she came to me for over half an hour and that is remarkable. Usually the sustained reach of the interplay is around five minutes. Of course it might travel across an evening and beyond but NEVER has it been continuously present across the reach of an entire morning. She told me about the gods and the archetypal entities that stand as guardians and vibrating protectorates of certain zones. She made it clear that as useful as an understanding of these places, entities and positions are… behind them she waits in every respect. She gave birth to the gods in the first place and although I have understood this intellectually for some time, I have never known it in the visceral sense as I do now.
She said such things to me today that I know I cannot speak about them because it puts me in a kind of light I am not comfortable with. I cannot and never have been able to take myself seriously. She surgically went through my life, pointing out so many moments when I wasn’t watching or since, remembering… I am beside myself (there is a joke in there somewhere) with what is happening. Imagine what it is like when in your earlier life you saw the whole dynamic of the spiritual realm exemplified in the feminine aspect and then it went away and you bounced from pillar to pole in search of something… something… something and then, presto! She shows up again and now… like all those years were nothing… she is there all the time and not shy about letting you know.
Those who come here and actually believe that any or part of any of this is true, know that I have friends in the invisible. Huh? I’d have been dead and gone so many times already were that not true but now… after these recent years when the conversation has, finally, been two way, SHE shows up and lets you know that not for a moment has she ever been away. I remember when I was about 16 and I read that H. Rider Haggard book, “She” and I was fascinated by her and then, two years later I dropped LSD and I saw her for real. She dominated my thoughts for years and then, stepped aside so that I could both participate in and watch my life go haywire for no good reason that I have ever understood until today.
Nothing happens without a reason. There are no coincidences. For some time I have been saying here that I am one of the luckiest men in the world. Today I know that is true and it is not about me that I bring this up today. It is about all of you. She said, “if it can be true for you it can be true for anyone who believes as deeply as is required to do so. Life is a bank. Think carefully about what you invest your beliefs and your time in. That is your bank. Whatever your bank may be, that is your bank. Must I remind you visible that, “where your treasures are there are you also?”
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