Saint or Con Artist? Kevin Annett Answers Critics — Sept 17, 2016

Kevin Annett. Click to enlarge

Kevin Annett. Click to enlarge

Below is Kevin Annett’s recent update on his work. Kevin Annett is an enigma to me. On the one hand, I find him intelligent, articulate, personable and persuasive as a courageous man of God. I believe the elite satanic ritual abuse he documents is real.
On the other hand, he has left in his wake many people who say he is  “a con artist, liar, fraud, and a narcissistic, ego maniacal, sociopath with absolutely no morals, ethics, or compassion for the survivors of child sex abuse in any country. Stay clear of him, and please do not support his fraudulent causes.”
I have seen some red flags: 1. Signs of narcissism paradoxical in “a man of the people.” 2. Claims credit for Canada’s apology for residential schools and Pope Benedict’s resignation. Cites nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. 3. Establishes a new country “Kanata.” 4. No real evidence that his International Tribunal is more than a website. 5. Background in extreme left-wing politics.  I intend to study his new work. For now, I reserve judgment.  It’s possible he is neither saint nor con artist but a little bit of both – human.
In the meantime, Kevin has provided this update and response to critics.

by Kevin Annett — ( 

In general, our claims and evidence concerning the guilt of Canada and its churches for deliberate genocide have been vindicated. On June 3, 2015, The New York Times reported that the Canadian government admitted that it had committed such genocide against native people and that thousands of children had died in its Indian residential school system. Of course, this was a crime without any consequences since the perpetrators are still in charge, and no-one has served a day of jail time for this mass murder. (See the documentary “Unrepentant” which documents Canada’s genocide of Indian children.)
At the same time, our work since 2012 has literally been earth shaking. Using hard evidence and common law courts, we have forced Pope Benedict and four other top Vatican officials guilty of child trafficking to resign from their offices, during 2013. ( ) And for the first time in Canadian history, we’ve unearthed the physical evidence of children who were buried in mass graves at Indian residential schools. ( )


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