This, That, The Other and Meetings with The Mother

Smoking Mirrors – Sept 15, 2016

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I don’t like it when people talk out of the side of their mouth when they are uninformed about what is going on. It’s like that scene in “An Innocent Man” when F. Murray Abraham says to Tom Sellick, “Don’t you talk out of the side of your neck when I am trying to do you a solid.” Carson Palmer, the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, thought he would talk shit about Tom Brady and then admitted he didn’t know what he was talking about. He went up against the New England Patriots on Arizona’s home turf and got beat, while the Patriots were missing half a dozen of their big guns. Just about no one, except me, thought the Patriots would win but they did. What do they say? “On any given Sunday.” My prediction this year was that these two would meet in the Super Bowl. We’ll see.
Yesterday… was it yesterday? I believe it was, because Hillary Clinton was at Ground Zero Sum at that memorial that was erected for when Israel attacked the US on 9/11. Anyway, Hilarious lost her balance and her shoe and had to be airlifted into her Chevy Suburban by her guns for hire crew who were once called The Secret Service but who are now much like the FBI; meaning bought and sold thugs for the banker syndicate who run everything out here; wherever out here is. After awhile, the police forces always wind up serving whoever has the money. There might, now and then, come along people who believe in protecting the public order and serving the common interest but… they get weeded out in the process of trying to do the right thing when the right thing is not in the interests of the ruling junta. T’was ever thus.
You know? You can go back to the days of Hammurabi or anywhere in the world, when the world was the world back there and find that the guys with the weapons always wind up protecting the guys with the gold. Every now and then, the ruling elite will throw one of their members under the bus or the chariot or the horse or whatever… just to show that, yeah… justice is for everyone. The way I see it, that is actually true, because the oppressed and the oppressor change places routinely from life to life, the same way that queens and whores do. There is a price for everything, if that is the kind of thing you want. In my case that is not the kind of thing I want but… to each their own. I prefer to traverse the universe in search of light and love however, that’s just me; to each their own.
This is how I manage to deal with all the sick shit and mind numbing ambulatory porto pottys who don’t mind festering in their own excrescence. Ah… was that dehumanizing of me? After all I said about searching the universe after love and light? Moving right along.
Then there is all the really important stuff that I usually miss. You know? Sometimes I feel like I am really an insensitive person and then I remember, there are all these other people, over 99% of them and for whatever reason, they are the ones who get my sympathy… as long as I don’t have to hang out with them.
Visible? What’s up? You sound a tad… I don’t know… a tad cynical? Nah… I’m just mixing it up a bit. No sense getting in a groove and staying there when we are all about the trackless paths that lead within. It’s what I think about… being here in this dream of life has been, by turns, an intoxicating experience and a nightmare. I’m sure a lot of that is on me, as I have attempted to figure it all out in my clumsy fashion and never doing things by half measure, I have screwed up on occasion. In my own defense, I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes. It isn’t the errors that you make that define you but more what you do once you pick yourself up again; or get picked up. I don’t recommend existence on this plane. I know some have had a pleasure cruise of the whole affair but I cannot be numbered among them. You endure. You persevere or… you perish.
Next time, maybe, eh? There are all those next times that loom beyond the appetite and desire zones of all the things you want to accomplish here and once done, you’re done.

This is days later now; was supposed to be on the road at this time. A dreamy lassitude had overtaken my thoughts and I could do nothing except lay in the rack and read novels, one after another. I had no interest in the internet or much of anything and I was thinking I shouldn’t leave on the given day and one way to make sure of that was not to have it together in order to, so… I didn’t. Confused but not upset, I,wrote an astrologer friend (who I am sure will identify himself if he feels like it- grin) and he said to me, “I would be listening to spirit on that one. merc is retro yes … sun and mars are squared in the sky as well.. and Pluto at 15 Capricorn is in a position that could be some trouble bigger pic.. mars as of today is opposed to your natal Uranus. so yes if I had to time the adventure beginning I would have to defer. it is not wise to start such a long journey with mars opposed to your natal Uranus.”
He continued on to say that on the date he recommends that “merc is direct. sun and jupiter in a conjunction. At 10 AM the moon goes into leo .. mars at 28 Sag is on the galactic core which is favorable. Waiting is a good move. The start of an endeavor should reflect the intention. The moon being in leo is good for you.”
Yes, I knew about retrograde and I had been feeling it. Nothing was working out here without laborious struggle, so nothing was worth doing or getting into, until the astrological swamp-lands were flown over in the natural rotation of the order of things so… it was novels in the prone position and that felt wonderful. Of course, when you are used to being busy all the time, you might feel guilty for awhile once you figure out that there are specific times to do nothing but you are not used to it. Yes… I am being what I have been accused of by people who don’t believe in God, I am being subjective but there is a point to it and since I am going to be seeing some number of you shortly, I have to talk about it. I have been giving a lot of thought to this journey and it will all be described, except where there is a preference of anonymity by those involved, at this location here. The other blogs will be serviced as well in their usual order since there will be all that time on the road to do so.
The real purpose of this trip is two fold. One is to see those whom I have known for years but never met and the other is to find a place to land. Somewhere in this vast country are any number of suitable locations and this means that if I don’t see you over the course of this particular journey, I will see you further on because you can come to see me or I you, once this location is found and I’ve got it on GOOD authority that it will be. My apologies if I miss you on this go around but for once I am not going to over extend myself and just make it easy and simple and let the intuition guide the show as it did when I stepped away from the original plan. Have you ever felt like something really big happened to you but you don’t know what it is? Has this ever made you feel deeply confident and tremblingly uneasy at the same time?
About two weeks ago The Mother came to me. In earlier times she was all I thought about and all I saw in those moments of deep reflection in the private places of Nature. Then for decades my focus went moving here or there into one zone of devotion and inquiry after another. I often wondered why this shift had occurred. I wondered but not with any anxiety and then… out of the blue and apropos of nothing she has come back and the intensity increases with every day. Last night she was speaking to me about how sad she was and how she was more and more being faced with a need to make a profound and possibly catastrophic transformation here on Earth. How dramatic this needs to be was wholly dependent upon what some amount of us might contribute to diminishing her sorrow. Did enough of us care enough to become aware enough in our every thought word and deed that we might militate against the necessary shock value of whatever she feels needs be done in order to bring about a greater change in consciousness in the world around and within us? Do we?
It is impossible to describe the impact of certain communications upon one’s heart and soul when they come around. Late last night or… early this morning as you prefer, I stood at the window in the bathroom, having an American Spirit, as she asked me to tell the readers how important it is to her to be appreciated. It seems that in her humility of being she has near phased herself out, or been phased out. I find it so hard to describe what it is like when the living god tells you she is lonely. I’ve never had an experience like this before but I promised her I would do my best. She let me know that it is of singular importance that she gets some love before she is compelled to bring herself into prominence by shaking the framework of Nature which… she happens to be. I don’t know what any of this means but I can say with absolute sincerity that I have been feeling it for awhile, without even knowing what ‘it’ is. I’ve got a better idea of that now and I am certainly going to do my part in this by remembering her in every moment that I am able to. It is so very difficult to bring the image or idea of the almighty before the minds eye with a greater continuity and dedication than one has heretofore been capable of.
There are degrees of Nature. In the raw it is the pristine wilderness of her being before adaptation has come about. It moves from there to malls with hardly any representation of the pristine. It moves from purity into perversion and I think this is what is troubling her; she is getting all that attention in the form of her own being, which is not her being, that she likes the least. She is no longer being seen in the wonder and beauty of her truer self. As a result human nature is also drifting into ever deeper levels of perversity, mindless trinket worship and general indifference …and it becomes inevitable that destruction must follow in order to return the human heart and mind to a simpler and more profound and loving awareness of our real mother.
I am not saying these things as well as I wish but it is as much as I am capable of so I must beg that the reader can see between the lines and elevate what has been said into an area of understanding where it rightly belongs. Thank you for you patience with me in this regard.
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