Hungary should be ejected from EU, says Luxembourg

Introduction – Sept 13, 2016

Particularly after the Brexit vote, many Europeans are now asking whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of staying in the Union. So Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn’s call for Hungary’s expulsion over its stance on migrants couldn’t have come at a more inopportune moment.
German police arrest one of the terror suspects, pictured centre. Click to enlarge

German police arrest one of the terror suspects, pictured centre. Click to enlarge

For within hours of his call reports from Germany only underlined the stark choice faced by Europeans, as German security services announced that they had uncovered an Islamic State sleeper cell planning to stage Paris style attacks in the country.
According to officials the three-man cell had entered the country as refugees and were staying in a home for asylum seekers in northern Germany. Nor were they alone.
According to the Daily Mail:
They landed in mid November aboard a refugee ship which docked at the Greek island of Leros.
Two of their travelling companions killed themselves with suicide bombs outside the Stade de France stadium in Paris on November 13 last year.
Two more conspirators aboard the vessel were arrested in the Austria city of Graz in December.
Faced with a choice of staying in the European Union, with the growing magnitude of the migrant crisis and the prospect of more terror attacks, many Europeans may prefer to leave the EU. Ed.

Hungary should be ejected from EU, says Luxembourg

Duncan Robinson and Andrew Byrne — Financial Times Sept 13, 2016

Hungary should be kicked out of the EU for its attitude to refugees, according to Luxembourg’s foreign minister in the latest diplomatic row over the bloc’s handling of the migrant crisis.

Budapest’s refusal to accept the arrival of refugees had “massively violated” the EU’s fundamental values, said Jean Asselborn, who helped force through a plan to share out asylum seekers across the bloc.

As a result, Hungary “should be excluded temporarily or if need be forever from the EU”, Mr Asselborn said, according to German newspaper, Welt.

Mr Asselborn has criticised Hungary in the past for its treatment of independent media and the judiciary. But his remarks on Tuesday mark the first time an EU foreign minister has called for another member state to be expelled from the bloc. They will also cast a shadow over efforts by EU leaders to map out a common future for the union, post-Brexit, at a summit in Bratislava on Friday.

Hungary has taken a hardline approach to refugees, erecting fences along its southern border and pushing back people who attempted to cross into the country. The government has spent more than €15m on a public information campaign attacking the EU’s refugee policies ahead of an October 2 referendum on Brussels’ refugee-sharing plan.

On Tuesday, Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister, hit back. In an email released to the press agency MTI he said Mr Asselborn was “an intellectual lightweight” who “lives a sermonising, pompous and frustrated life … just a few kilometres from Brussels.”

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