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Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon Sept 6, 2016

LD:  A trusted correspondent has just sent me this 14-minute video. “This is amazing and important!” he writes. “The entire internet is being audited and managed by CIA with Google! The banning is happening while viewing!”
There is much in this video about Obama’s disastrous visit to China two days ago in which, it is claimed, the President was openly “snubbed” and “dissed” by the Chinese delegation at Shanghai airport. Apparently he had to exit the plane by the back exit because the Chinese refused to roll up the front steps. A Chinese airport official is seen shouting at an American in Obama’s entourage: ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, not yours!!!”
We release this sensational video with our usual disclaimer. If this story turns out to be a hoax, don’t blame us.
DISCLAIMER. All articles, videos and comments published on this website reflect the views of their original authors and in no way mirror the outlook of anyone associated with this website. Publication of anything on this website by no means implies endorsement or approval of its contents.


 Website Comment — Sept 6, 2016

Lasha is right to end with a with a disclaimer because there is indeed good reason to suspect that the above report is a hoax. It may not have been intended as a hoax by those who posted the video but “What does it mean” is mentioned as a source.
For those unfamiliar with it, “What does it mean” is a suspected disinformation outlet. Ostensibly run by one Sorcha Faal, the website is in fact run by one David Booth, a known U.S. intelligence operative.
It specialises in taking reports that may have some substance of truth and then sensationalising them to the max. Ed.
For more on What Does it Mean? see: Obama Homosexual Love Affair with Top US Republican Senator Shocks Russia.