How I became a 9/11 “truther”

The Saker – Off-Guardian Sept 5, 2016

THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST - More than 2,600 people were killed by the explosive demolitions of the Twin Towers on 9-11. A sophisticated and very powerful form of super-thermite was found in the dust of the destroyed towers. The flame temperature of such super-thermite composites is about 4,000 degrees C. (7,232 degrees F.)

WTC collapse.

Eight years have now passed since the attacks of 911, and for these eight years I have steered clear from the debate about what exactly happened on 911. Mostly, I defined myself as a ‘911 agnostic’, meaning literally that I had no knowledge of what took place that day. However, being an agnostic does not mean not thinking about a topic. I watched every single ‘truther’ movie out there, read quite a few books on this topic, compared and contrasted the ‘truther’ and ‘debunker’ arguments and stances. Now, eight years later, a number of aspects of this debate have become clear in my mind.
From the very beginning one thing did strike me: the systematic vilification of those who doubted the official version of the events on 911 by not only the corporate media and their talking heads, but even a lot of people in the blogosphere. ‘911 kooks’ was the most frequently used term to refer to the ‘truthers’. From the outset I was shocked by that. Why should those who ask questions be vilified in such a manner? Does the US government not have a well-known history of false flag operations (think of the US “Operation Northwoods” or the joint US-Israeli “Operation Cyanide” – on the latter an excellent source of info is the BBC report “Dead in the Water” which you can view by clicking here). Was the CIA not involved at every single step of the creation and growth of what became later known as al-Qaeda? If there any doubt at all that the folks who were in power on 911 are evil to the very core and more than capable of killing not thousands, but millions of innocent people to achieve their goals? Last, but not least, who benefited most from 911 if not the US Empire and the Israel Lobby?
The answers are rather obvious, aren’t they?

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