Wars and Rumours of Wars

Saddam Hussein assumed power in a CIA sponsored coup in the late 1960’s. He was subsequently armed and equipped by various western powers during his war with Iran. Then, during the Gulf War, when those same powers were in a position to remove him they didn’t. Instead, according to Rodney Stich in ‘Defrauding America': “in November 1989, White House officials guaranteed the payment of loans made by banks to Iraq for the purchase of US farm products under a program run by the US Agriculture Department Commodity Credit Corporation. The approval provided that US taxpayers would indemnify the banks lending money to Iraq for the purchase of US food supplies if Iraq defaulted on the loan payments.

“These loans made possible the war capability for Iraq to invade Kuwait. In effect the US taxpayers, through their leaders, made possible the terrible bloodshed in the Gulf War. Some of the money furnished by the United States was used to purchase poison gas which was used on Iraqi Kurdish villages, much of it purchased through Cardoen Industries in Chile, a CIA asset.”

This is not just speculation. A 1994 US Senate Panel Report clearly indicates that between 1985 and 1989, US firms supplied micro-organisms needed for Iraq’s chemical and biological warfare program. The Senate Panel noted: “It was later learned that these micro-organisms exported by the United states were identical to those the United Nations’ inspectors found and removed from the Iraqi biological warfare program.” In other words Saddam Hussein has been set up and supported by the very powers he is ostensibly at odds with.

Late in 1998 tension once again escalated between Saddam Hussein and the West. The bombing campaign that resulted, conveniently coincided with calls for impeachment hearings for President Clinton. It ultimately transpired that Clinton avoided impeachment, but how much was this sudden escalation was an attempt to divert attention from Clinton’s troubles at home?

As Felicity Arbuthnot has revealed it is the ordinary people of Iraq who are paying for this duplicity; which is probably why her work has largely been ignored by most of our so-called “free press”. According to Felicity the editor of one major newspaper wasn’t interested in her reports because he wanted “a new angle” one Iraq. Perhaps he thought that these tragic and pathetic reports were “old news”, or maybe he though that the picture of a topless Sophie Rhys Jones was more deserving of broader public attention?

Either way, it has been estimated that sanctions, depleted uranium (1) and US bio-weapons have been responsible for the deaths of nearly half a million Iraqi children (2). We are talking about war crimes here, brutal and monumental; war crimes that have been perpetrated in the name of the New World Order and studiously ignored by most of the world’s press. The question is, what are you going to do about it? If you do nothing else, show Felicity’s article to your friends. Then question the half-truths, disinformation and downright lies fed to you, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, by a supposedly independent media.

In reality, Saddam Hussein in no more than a hired thug, a brutal stooge used by the powers that be to do their bidding. The real war criminals are Clinton and Blair and the hidden powers who really call the shots.

Significantly, George Bush first openly talked about New World Order during the Gulf War and this is what we are seeing in operation here. Its power rests on two things, fear and lies. According to Felicity, exactly the same tactics have been used in the former Yugoslavia as Alliance Forces are using in Iraq. On one level, in the former Yugoslavia, there has been a redefinition of the borders of an emergent European Union Superstate. On another level, something much more sinister has occurred: At the last count NATO bombing of the former republic had killed over 2,000 people. More than three-quarters of them were civilians; along with refugee columns and civilian buses, an old peoples’ home, the Chinese Embassy, a TV station and a hospital had all been hit. Indeed virtually as many civilian institutions were hit as Serbian Army tanks.

Naturally NATO spokesmen maintain that these are all accidents, the media turn slavishly repeats this line. Yet in their hearts many feel a genuine disquiet about this. What they sense, if only dimly, is that they are indeed being fed a line. The truth though is so shocking that most people will simply find it beyond belief; namely, that the alliance forces are deliberately targeting civilians, in particular with air power.

Your average soldier simply will not do this. I know; for a number of years I served in the former Rhodesian Army’s Special Forces. I was involved in a lot of combat and the men I fought alongside with were the real thing, hardened combat veterans: ex-British paras and marines, former US marines and airborne, former French Foreign Legionnaires. It was a warrior thing. We even had a couple of native American Indians in our ranks. Like me, they had joined up for action and adventure. Like me, they felt deeply uncomfortable if civilians got caught up in the fighting, as occasionally happened. This was more especially so if women and children were involved.

However, if you are flying an attack jet, looking at thermal imagery of your target through an array of technologies, it is an altogether different story. You are not simply distanced in terms of proximity; the critical factor of emotional immediacy is removed by the very technology of war itself.

Of course, this all adds weight to the line that “it was a mistake”. Yet we have heard this line so often that there is good reason to doubt it. Now I am not saying that the entire NATO air wing or every pilot has been briefed to target civilians. It may only be a few squadrons or even selected pilots. But as the following letter from Felicity to Tony Blair indicates these “mistakes” are part of a deliberate overall strategy, probably known only to a few”

“I have also noted that recently flocks of sheep and the little child shepherds who spend their days with them, have become a threat to allied air power. Flocks in Mosul and Nineveh have been targeted, as they have been in the south, near Basra. This cannot be written off as “collateral damage” – sheep look like sheep even from the air – not like military convoys, oil installations, bridges or barracks. Sheep are small, white and woolly. Usually in the Middle East, there are goats among the herds, these are small, brown or black and woolly. Could you explain why these are their little minders are being targeted?

Finally you responded to Mr Dalyell that you have no assessment as to the effect of depleted uranium (DU) weapons and do not target “….water supplies….” With apologies, this is facile. Anything which hits the ground eventually enters the water table, fauna, flora. Basra has radiation excesses which have been confirmed by Western experts at eighty four times the background level and directly contributed to by munitions dropped in the Gulf War.

As with Yugoslavia, correcting a wrong by causing decimation multiple times worse is clearly a tragic farce. And since the same weapons are a being using in Yugoslavia and accidentally dropped in Bulgaria, Macedonia, in Albania (Apache helicopters with DU on board), Montenegro and just missing Hungary; effectively bombing China, since an embassy is Sovereign territory, what radioactive legacy are we leaving for future generation? The cancer rate in Iraq has risen sevenfold since the Gulf War. In Bosnia it rose threefold after the 1995 bombings (when DU was used).”

This is the true face to the New World Order, not the deceptively sanitized version served up by a compliant media. Rather it is a brutal trans-national behemoth that owes its existence to disinformation and half-truths. Nothing shuts us off from our higher potential more than fear and lies. Which is why the ruling elite are so intent on spreading disinformation and the manipulation of wars and conflict. These are dark days, but at the risk of sounding trite, we are on the threshold of a new era, quite literally a new age is about to dawn: one in which this behemoth will be challenged by ordinary men and women as they awaken to the reality in which they live. All they will need is truth and courage to challenge the lies and fear propagated by the ruling elite.

According to ancient Mayan astrologers, the old world would end and a new age begins on December 12, 2012. Our Earth completes what astrologers call a precession of equinoxes in full around every 26,000 years, we are about to complete one such on December 12, 2012. In astrological terms it is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius when humanity’s consciousness will fall under new cosmic influences.

As the crop circles portend these changes are already beginning to occur. In 1889 the Earth’s resonant frequency, called the Base Resonant Frequency or the Schumann Cavity Resonance was identified. It has been called the Earth’s heartbeat and essentially it is the frequency at which the planets electromagnetic fields are pulsating. These ULF pulsations form standing waves in the magnetosphere and between their discovery and the mid 1980’s a steady pulse of around 7.8 hertz was maintained. Then they began to quicken: by the end of 1995 it was 8.6 Hertz and at the time of writing it was 14 hertz and still climbing.

It is worth nothing that when first shown to doctors, the Schumann Resonance was mistaken for a human brain wave printout.

The Mayan astrologers also said that there would be a transition period as the old world died and a new one was born. They called this transition period “No Time” and said it would begin in July 1982. If you are old enough you may have noticed how the days and years appear to be passing more quickly: This is not simply because you are getting older although, of course, that is true. The fact is that our perception of time is also changing. Other changes are occurring too. For example, the number of solar flares is increasing literally by the month. In January 1997 there were nineteen (19), by January 1999 that figure had risen to one hundred and thirty-six (136) and last month there were one hundred and fifty three (153).

This is all part of a cycle so I don’t think we would worry about the Earth being engulfed by solar flares. It is, however, indicative of major cosmological changes taking place, these changes are being mirrored by corresponding geophysical changes. According to the American Geophysical Union: “For the past 2000 years the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. At the going rate of decay, the north-south dipole would totally vanish, perhaps reversing polarity in the next 2000 years… The ongoing weakening of the field does not ensure that a reversal will occur. After all, the Earth’s dipole reverses direction only on occasion, currently at a rate of a few times each million years.”

The effects of this are physically apparent in isolated layers of sediment and at the poles themselves, so this is scientifically verifiable. It should also be mentioned that America’s so-called “sleeping prophet” – Edgar Cayce, foresaw an impending shift in the Earth’s polarity. He also noted that our thoughts, attitudes and feelings affect the very Earth itself: in other words our thoughts and feelings impress themselves on to physical matter. This happens cumulatively, on an individual level and collectively too. On an individual level many haunting are associated with traumatic events, suicides, murders, tragic love affairs and so on. In such cases the emotions involved have impressed themselves onto the physical background. This same process occurs collectively too, so whether these geophysical charges are catastrophic or not, will ultimately be in response to the collective nature of our thoughts and feelings.

In a sense, this is humanity’s coming of age when, as a species, we will see our childhood end. The transition from childhood to adulthood is often a difficult time, fraught with confusion and uncertainty as new knowledge and responsibilities are revealed. In many ancient cultures this period of transition was attended by a process of initiation as some of the higher mysteries were revealed: Testing and difficult these initiations, if passed, led to a new understanding of who he or she was. Collectively speaking it will be no different for humanity but there is not turning back now, change is upon us.

The ancient Maya, the Hopi and the ancient Egyptians all knew this time was coming; they referred to it as the “Shift of Ages”. According to Gregg Braden in “The Shift toward Zero Point” many ancient structures – the Great Pyramid, certain temples and the Mayan Pyramids – contain areas that simulate low magnetic fields and a high Resonant Frequency. Exactly the conditions we have now. In this way the ancients were able to experience what we are now beginning to undergo, in the light of their own understanding. In turn they tried to prepare the way for what is essentially our own initiation: Via symbols, architecture and various mystery traditions (3) they were trying to tell us what we need to know in order to pass through these testing times.

A while back a friend said that higher knowledge was pouring into this world, as these geophysical and cosmological changes signify. However if humanity is distracted by lies and disinformation, contrived entertainment and controversy, and orchestrated conflict and fear that knowledge will not be recognized for what it is. Instead we will be drawn deeper into a vortex of imbalance and ignorance, which is exactly what the ruling elite want, whilst they hoard this precious knowledge for themselves. So ultimately the choice is yours: fear and lies or truth, clarity and clear calm courage. Like they say, it’s your call.

1) Depleted Uranium (DU) is created when uranium is processed for nuclear warheads. Lower grade uranium is stockpiled for in weapons like the 30mm used by A-10 Warthog. This lower grade uranium is still radioactive. It has been estimated that over 600,000 lbs of DU was left all over Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf War. It has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome, as well as the rising incidence of cancer and birth deformities in Iraq.
2) Nexus June-July 1999. ‘Project Censored News that didn’t make the news.’
3) “Tradition” – the very word is derived from the Latin “trado dit” meaning to pass on or transmit.