O Ken, What have you done?

Nick Kollerstrom — Terror on the Tube August 29, 2016

We all love Ken O’Keefe. Who else has that fiery eloquence, in denouncing the NWO?
But, maybe he’s not the kind of guy who should be entrusted with large, undefined sums of charity money put into his own private bank account.
A year ago, he announced that he had an important new project, and he COULD NOT TELL US WHAT IT WAS but he was appealing for funding.
Trust me, he was saying.
And people did.
Let’s say he has now accumulated between one and two hundred thousand pounds.
That’s a lot to have, at your discretion.
I heard about this at the Open Minds conference in Amsterdam. It was great to meet Max Igan, Zen Gerdiner and Ole Dammegard. Max was seething with rage and anxiety over this project, and swore everyone to silence after telling us – NB don’t ever tell me a secret, I don’t like keeping them!
Ken had this wonderful pipedream that he could inaugurate a World Citizen concept, and they would not pay taxes for war.
So, why did he need the money?
Well, erm, maybe lawyers needed to be paid to figure out how to manage this situation…
No, no, no! There can be no international-law argument or international agreement which lets you off the hook of paying taxes for war in your own county.
Any argument for not paying tax for war has to be based upon your own domestic, national law. Otherwise you will just have the bailiffs knocking on your door, you will just get fined like everyone else.
And, please note that this website does give instructions about how to do this in the UK, I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY refused to pay tax for war.
You’ve got to go public, I was telling Max Igon! People are still donating more and more cash to Ken. No wait, he said, if I go public now I will get all the blame from Ken O’Keefe, it will be all my fault the project did not work.
The project will not work anyhow, I replied.
‘World citizens Solutions’ – what a marvellous concept!
Well here alas is Max’s final verdict
In his testosterone charged public appearances he simply tells people what they want to hear and takes their anger for them like another controlled release valve. The only risk to life that Ken actually faces is possibly from one of the many people he has taken money from via fraudulent means, hollow words and empty promises.
We live and we learn, and what does’t kill us makes us stronger – or so they say.
AArgh! O Ken!
Here is Ken’s statement put out a couple of months ago, in response to people murmuring, what did we give our money for?
He does not say what the mission is. He does say that all of the money goes into his account –  which no-one else can inspect.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If money is to be raised for a visionary dreamer like Ken, it is vital that some accountant – preferably two – holds the money and has a checkable account that it goes into.
We hear him here griping about who is criticising him and trying to make out that its only ‘bad’ people who are griping. ‘Launch’ he assures us will be by Fall or Winter – launch of what?
All of the comments under this video are supportive: it has not occurred to any of them that its all a scam, that their money is lost.
Let’s quote a bit more from Max, mulling over the awful dilemma, about the guy who had been his closest buddy:
All that remains now is for him to deliver on his promise of producing “a legally sound social contract, a lawful means that will prevent people from being compelled to fund war.” Those were his words and that is what was expected. Ken may deny saying those words but the fact remains that he did, as the entire team can quite readily confirm. And if he is indeed denying that fact, then perhaps one should ask, what then would have been anyone’s motivation to begin with, in supporting an initiative to create a contract that was to have no legal or lawful standing? And why was a fund raiser even needed if there were no legal fees to be paid in the creation of a lawful contract?
Has the devil been whispering into Max’s ear?
due to a rational and sober observation and appraisal of his actions since the World Citizen fund raiser began, and of rather disturbing emails he had sent to others, it would very much appear that Ken set this ‘mission’ up to fail from the start and had, from the very beginning, intended to bring about a situation where he could call ‘subversion’ and simply walk away with the money to fund his land project in Dominica. He has after all made it very clear in most of his recent talks that if this one ‘fails’ he will retire… Personally I think it was created specifically to fail so he could purchase land in Dominica and do exactly that… Retire.
Surely not??
 One of Ken’s projects is to acquire land on the island of Dominica and build a house there. Ah well, as he never told anyone what the money was for, maybe they can’t complain.


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

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