Federal government is a ‘parasite on society’

Mike Adams — Natural News August 28, 2016


Big Government is nothing more than a grand scam that deliberately creates huge problems in society to convince the sheeple that they need government to solve those problems.

I’ve just posted a new mini-documentary (17 minutes) that reveals the stunning truth about Big Government: You don’t need it anymore!

Click here to watch the mini-documentary on YouTube (or see it below).

In fact, the primary role of government today is to create large-scale crises in order to keep the population in a constant state of emergency or dependence. Nearly all the big problems now ravaging modern society — debt bubbles, racial animosity, failed health care and the risk of international war — wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for government.

The one big exception to all this, which I didn’t cover in the video, is that we do need some “authority” in society to stop corporate polluters. Sadly, today’s corrupt government actually participates in mass pollution (the EPA) rather than halting it. So even when a government agency is called the “Environmental Protection Agency,” it actually ends up POLLUTING the environment and harming tens of millions of people in the process. (All while pushing the science hoax of climate change, which ridiculously pretends that planet Earth experienced no storms, no hurricanes, no tornados, no droughts and no forest fires until humankind started burning fossil fuels.)

The video is currently rated 99% positive on YouTube, with lots of sharing and comments. This is a real thought provoker! Watch it at this link or view here:


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