Let Israel do the dirty work in Iraq

CONSIDERING the increasingly desperate situation the under-sized American military faces in Iraq, and the reluctance of countries thousands of miles from Iraq to send troops there, there is one obvious solution to the problem of the shortage of troops in Iraq. That solution is bringing Israeli troops into Iraq.

Israel has almost 4,000 tanks (more than the United States), and also has more divisions than the United States. Israel also has the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, with over 600 nuclear weapons.

The American army was never intended to conduct long-term colonial occupations, but the Israeli army has decades of experience in shooting civilians, demolishing houses, attacking slums with helicopter gunships, burning textbooks, etc.

· During the old “Breaking of Bones” program to defeat the First Intifadah, Israeli soldiers crushed the hands of 80,000 Palestinian boys: I am not sure that American soldiers would obey such orders.
· Israeli torturers have decades of experience in interrogation of Arabs: American soldiers are reluctant to obey illegal orders to torture prisoners.
· American troops have little experience in permanent repression of civilian populations, but this is the great strength of the Israeli army.

I have seen pictures of Israeli tanks being confronted by Palestinian 8-year old terrorist boys with stones, and you can bet that the men in those tanks are not afraid. Israelis see and kill these boys fearlessly; American troops persist in seeing such boys as, well, boys.

And, if the American military is defeated in Iraq, the RPGs and car bombs of the Iraqi Mujahideen will not be turned on Japan, Poland, or Honduras (“coalition” partners), but rather on the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel has genuine security interests in the complete crushing of Iraqi resistance to the Occupation, Japan has no security interests in this war at all.

Indeed, the complete absence of genuine American security interests in Iraq raises the question of why American troops are there at all.

The war in Iraq was staged to advance only Israeli interests: It is time that the soldiers dying to build the Jewish empire were Jews, and not Americans.

Courtesy Raja Mattar