Are Hillary Clinton’s Public Appearances Being Faked?


Jim Stone — August 28, 2016

Consider this: Michelle Obama is possibly a man. Due to what that would mean for America and the Presidency, and what it would mean with regard to faking an image, I do not think it would be at all improbable that Hillary is already unable to do anything of substance and that she will be America’s first totally fake CGI generated President. That would make the ultimate puppet, and if you think it would be impossible to pull it off, I’d like an explanation for the following because the video she “appeared in” looked 100 percent real until someone forgot to factor in the cell phone screens. They won’t screw up like that again, this could be the one and only prime moment to prove she might already be entirely fake. It would explain completely why she won’t debate Trump. If she is so far gone now and has to be studio assisted, any debate with a live individual would be impossible to maintain an image with.. A CGI “President” would be PERFECT for the New World Order and needs to be strongly considered now, because surely, the following was televised as real, was convincing as real, and was entirely fake:
Hmm, why would Hillary fake an appearance on a green screen? 1. Her health is so bad now that they have to do things in 20 takes. 2. She is afraid she can’t show up anywhere now without getting shot. 3. She needs bigger fake crowds.

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