Who’s Still Afraid of James Wesley Howell?

henrymakow.com — March 12, 2018

James Wesley Howell and his munitions-laden car. He hasn't committed a crime but turned himself in instead. Co why is he still being held and why the media silence over his case? Click to enlarge

James Wesley Howell and his munitions-laden car. He hasn’t committed a crime but turned himself in instead. So why is he still being held and why the media silence over his case? Click to enlarge

As of today, James Wesley Howell has been in jail 21 months without a trial.
He could expose the Deep State false flags once and for all.  But cowardly Americans are afraid to get the truth.  Every scam requires a willing dupe. We have 330 million of them in the US, gradually committing collective suicide.
Everyone is afraid of James Wesley Howell. His Public Defender quit her job.
Then there’s the CIA. The MSM. Alex Jones. Jeff Rense. David Icke. False flag expert Kevin Barrett, G. Edward Griffin, Robert David Steele, Gordon Duff.  American Free Press. The ACLU. Judicial Watch. Tucker Carlson & the mass media. Every criminal lawyer in LA. None will reach out to Howell or champion his cause. 
What a shithole country!
21 months ago, June 12, 2016, Howell, 21, was arrested in Santa Monica CA with a small arsenal of weapons and bombs. A leaked story emerged that he was a CIA-sponsored “terrorist” assigned to attack the gay pride parade. (This was the same day as the Orlando nightclub attack.) He realized he was being double-crossed and surrendered to local police before he could be murdered. 
In the 20 months since his arrest, he has not been tried. No one has tried to get his side of the story or offer support. He has rotted in jail (location below article) while his trial is continually postponed. It is now scheduled for the autumn. Is there no one in LA with the courage to reach out to him? He didn’t actually commit any crime. 20-year-olds make mistakes. 

(Updated from August 27, 2016) 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

James Wesley Howell is the smoking gun that proves terror events worldwide are sponsored by intelligence agencies. He asked Santa Monica police for protection June 12, the morning of the Orlando “massacre.”  He told them he was supposed to bomb the gay pride parade but had backed out when he learned Omar Mateen had been killed in Orlando. He said he had trained with Mateen at a CIA camp in Virginia.
Police found items no freelance or ISIS terrorist would be able to assemble: “He had twenty-five (25) pounds of Shoc-Shot, an explosive used for blowing up targets by high-velocity bullets most likely to cause a crowd widespread panic, and a possible escape by assailants in smoke and mass confusion. The two components needed to make the Shock-Shot explosive had been mixed. Howell had an Anderson Manufacturing AM-115 .223- high velocity round caliber rifle. The rifle had a round in its chamber and additional rounds in a 30-round magazine attached to it. Another 30-round magazine was taped to the rifle. He had a .30-06 bolt-action rifle with a round in its chamber, and a high velocity .22-caliber Ruger semi-automatic pistol. He had a mass murdering commando assassin’s arsenal.”


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