Limping Along on the way to Haphazardville

Visible Origami — August 26, 2016

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What a mystery is life. We pass through it from that mystery origin location to that mystery departure location and in between those junctures is the blurred dream of our existence. Many have only the dimmest awareness of anything that exists outside of the dream. Some have a partial awareness and only a very few are aware of themselves within the texture and body of the dream. For such as these, the difference in quality of life is greater than that between an ordinary human and a chimpanzee. I recognize that there are those who object to certain comparisons that get made here between the different species. I need to point out that these comparisons were not made by me but only heard by me at the feet of a master, or in writings that have come my way over time.
The slow and less than newsworthy pacing of the day to day over this summer has a lulling effect on what awaits. Much of what could have come to pass has not done so. There was no real Summer of Rage and no signal event of major change. It has all just limped along on its way to Haphazardville. Where it will no longer be ‘scuttling across the floors of silent seas’ is when The Fall comes in. It has become a dependable trend in recent decades that all kinds of strange events can come to pass in a major election cycle. We are in one of the most dramatic of its kind since the election of 2000.
I am done with all inclination to attempt to predict anything. I get little things right but miss the really important ones, though… often enough the important ones doesn’t even happen. What we do notice here is a long range geo-politick strategizing and endless and interminable shifting of game board pieces. The games of ‘Go’ and ‘Risk’ come to mind. The big horses trample in whatever direction, lacking both respect and compassion for one and all and the smaller horses herd together and stampede in the direction of whatever temporary openings may appear. They are all playing the roles embraced by any of them and the roles are an expression of whatever compounded force is generated by the elemental, archetypal, planetary powers as a synthesis of their interplay with or against one another and it continues to change by the day, or the week or the months, as the strength of the force increases, diminishes or changes completely because of a change in the planetary aspects brought about in the natural progression of their courses.
We like to think that we are more important than we are. We like to think we have a great deal of free will and that is why judgment is such a big thing down here. We immediately blame others for everything they do and remain unaware that in many cases the end result was inevitable. We are channels for the powers that act upon and through us. I lay it all at the feet of Karma. Sure… there can be dramatic changes in our mind sets as we are confronted by the evidence of our intentions and our deeds and there have been many cases of individuals being dramatically changed for one reason or another. Still, this can also be laid at the feet of Karma. The powers and forces which cannot be seen directly can be seen indirectly as they operate through the life forms on this planet. I would like to think that we have the ability the change, even at a fundamental level. Up to this moment, I do not know. I struggle with my own efforts to be a more efficient and aware person but I note than sometimes everything in life seems to go counter to our best attempts at change.
If life is a movie and I believe it is, then it is also a movie that includes every plot construction that the mind can imagine and all of them are playing out at all times somewhere in the world. Some seem to have every benefit and blessing available to them and some seem to encounter every misfortune that is possible. In every case, the meter is running. In every case there is a specific amount of time that exists in order to live out all the good fortune and pass through the bad fortune and every permutation of this is determined by the baggage we came in here with. Some spend lifetimes of industrious effort in order to arrive at the fortuitous place were all the necessary talents and conditions are in place. Then the drama plays out and then the drama ends and we are slot-circuited into whatever zone, in the land beyond, that most completely applies to however we handled what we did here. This means that no matter what good fortune you might have had in the bank when you arrived, it can be quickly spent and not replenished if you go about it in the wrong way. Conversely, you can endure all kinds of unfortunate experiences and conditions and find that you’ve got far more in the bank than you imagined you would because you handled it the right way.
One can rise and fall to dizzying heights and depth here. It behooves one to have right intention as regards the landscapes you pass through. We are always being watched and monitored. Just because we cannot see or feel this does not mean it is not true. One of the most powerful statements ever made is; “As above, so below.” If we are seen by others on this plane here then it stands to reason that entities from other planes can also see us. If we make the right friends we will have all necessary assistance when the need is upon us. I have been in dire circumstances in this life and I have seen or heard about others in the same environment and it turned out very different for some than it did for me. I was mightily looked out for. There were any number of tense moments where the cavalry showed up or a door opened and someone came through, thus neutralizing the dramatic uncertainty of the moment before. Some were literally chewed up and spit out in a most unpleasant way. Of course, many never even found themselves in this sort of location and seemed to be far more deserving of it than I myself. At least it looked that way to me (grin).
There was this fellow who moved around on the periphery of my social scene and he was a dark fellow indeed. His name was John Reed and he became entangled in certain drug sales and once arrested he agreed to assist in entrapping me in the same. This wasn’t the easiest thing because I wasn’t doing this. Surely I bought comestibles for my own use but becoming a trafficker when I was having such incredible spiritual experiences was out of the question so… I was tricked into a ride along across state lines..
Later I found myself in Petersburg Reformatory and John was there. He was in his element; the criminal element and the Satanic nature of his personality was easily seen as he involved himself in all manner of corruptions. He tried to make out that he was a friend of mine, since I was something of a celebrity in there, due to my Kundalini awakening and the powers that attended it at that time. It was a real circus. I wish it had been filmed (grin). It would have been highly entertaining. There were moments of high drama and comedy both. I never saw John again after that. My guess is that he was in and out of prisons or… because he was very intelligent in all the wrong ways, he might have advanced in his positioning in the underworld, or he could have been killed but I never heard about it. I never heard about him again. Whatever difficulties have attended my passage through this vale of tears, I am glad I am not him or anyone like him.
There are many theories about free will running around out there. I only know what I have seen in my own life and what I observed where it has proven out and …what I believe is that free will is nothing more than the decision made to seek and serve the ineffable or to oppose the ineffable. Obviously this can prove to be much more complex than my single statement concerning it makes it seem. We can look at the wide world around us from any one, or several, of the countless perspectives that are available. We can look within from a wide variety of introspective postures. As we move through life both of these can change remarkably, given what we learn or do not learn from experience. You need to find what works for you and be consistent about it. The current drive of proselytizing, as if one size fits all is pointless to me. It is even harmful in many ways as can easily be seen. I want everyone to find the niche that applies to them. I want every soul to be comfortable within the construct they choose to demonstrate whatever spiritual fervor they possess. I don’t believe in ‘my way or the highway’ and I certainly don’t believe in anyone else’s version of the same.
We’re going to start using this blogging site for talk about the travel to come. As it seems now we are going to head into West Virginia and then upwards into Ohio and across the Northern Route to an area outside of Chicago, then down into Colorado and then upwards through Idaho into Washington State, then down through Oregon and California, back through Arizona and New Mexico, into Texas and then up into Missouri, through Kentucky and Tennessee, into South Carolina- North Carolina and Virginia and home. This is a rough approximation of it at the moment and it is subject to change. There is such an amount of people along the way that we have to stick to certain wider routes or it could take a very long time to make it back. We won’t be able to see everyone but those who get missed can always come and visit me. It works out.
I need to ask a favor of the internet and cellphone savvy among you. I’ve looked at AT&T and will be stopping in at Verizon later today. I need to be able to blog and vlog in the car and bandwidth is certainly a consideration. I know there are ways to conserve on the data use but I’m not that up on the cellphone side of things. Apparently you can turn your car into a hotspot. I don’t see where 5 gigs a month will be sufficient but maybe it will if I only use it when necessary and otherwise rely on hotspots and wireless locations at lodging and eating establishments. I won’t be needing to surf and download in the car in any intense way, except to check comments and emails. This can be taken care of at the various wi fi spots that litter the landscape these days (grin).
Well, my friends, onward we go and where we wind up one day we will know.
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