Illuminati Plan to fry Humanity? — August 25, 2016

I don’t believe in fearmongering but Rob Watson’s vivid account of the Illuminati seeding our food and air with electromagnetic nanoparticles to control or kill us has a credible quality at least worth considering.


by Rob Watson — (

When HG Wells wrote The War of the Worlds, he imagined creatures from outer space attacking humanity using advanced technology. Humanity is finally saved by our most basic of life forms, the bacteria which co-inhabit this planet.
But what if, instead of humanity, the tiniest of life forms DNA, mitochondria and all the numerous cells which inhabit this planet came under attack.
This alarming scenario is actually in fact exactly what is happening with the use of Nano-technology. There is profound loss of biodiversity on this planet, and most of us had been too busy to notice that this is absolutely deliberate.
This assault on the planet and its inhabitants comes to you courtesy of corporations and your governments. They are the tools of the Illuminati, the deluded few, who believe they own this planet and humanity are simply their slaves.
They regard us as collateral or assets to be played with.
But deep down they are afraid of losing their power and of sharing the resources of this planet on a more equitable basis.
This Circus Maximus has been played throughout history. They have set slave upon slave, army upon army to maintain their control.
Today they hide their initiatives behind Climate Change, whilst they sow toxic aerosols into the atmosphere.



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