Masonic Gestures Compromise Us

Henry Makow — August 23, 2016

Hand signs manifest the covert satanic possession of society.

Hand signs manifest the covert satanic possession of society.

Common hand signs like the fist bump, the Sign of Baphomet and the “OK” sign (and OK expression) reflect Western society’s covert induction into the Cabalist Jewish (Freemason) satanic cult.
The uninitiated make these signs thinking they have a positive meaning. In fact, they’re performing the rituals of a satanic cult determined to pervert and enslave them. Compare it to a spider and a fly. These hand signs draw the innocent into the web.
People make these gestures thinking they are part of a universal social contract, a sense of a common brotherhood. When they learn that these signs really belong to another “brotherhood,” an “exclusive” secret  society, their natural inclination is to want to belong to that.  And in a sense they do belong to this satanic cult without knowing it. It’s just part of their general indoctrination into Satanism which is being advanced on many fronts: sex education and education in general, pop music, sexual “liberation,” pornography, gay pride and the attack on gender distinctions, etc. ( God is Love. Male-female love is a way to approach God. Anonymous sex is the antithesis of love.)
I suspect that fist bumping originates in touching Masonic rings. It is a variation on the Masonic handshake intended to allow members of this sociopathic criminal racket to identify each other. Now everyone is doing it, unaware of what they are doing.
Other signs of Masonic induction:


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