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Smoking Mirrors — August 22, 2016

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Greetings my dear friends! Today is my 70th birthday. I’m guessing that is some kind of mile marker. I don’t feel like I am 70. I feel like I am still a young boy but that is probably cause I never grew up. I’m on my way to another location at some point but… from what I understand that might be a while yet. Apparently there is still some work to do. I think of myself as the hardest working man in no business. It’s netted me a whole lot of nothing, materially speaking …but it has won me some friends and enemies. I like the kind of enemies I have. Sometimes your enemies say as much about you as your friends do. When it comes to friends, I have some good ones. Sometime early today, my friend Elle stuck a card in the door with a hundred dollar bill in it. I would have rather seen her but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. My friend Lori is taking me out to dinner somewhere this evening but it’s a secret where that might be. Is she flying me to Paris? I don’t know yet. I’m here where I live with some other friends but they are watching the Olympics in another part of the house. I’m writing these words to you and that abortion that is the latest Star Trek is playing alongside. It seems like everything is a sitcom these days. Where’s a Furry when you need one?
In any case I want to take the opportunity to dispel some myths, slanders, lies and rumors about myself. If people would read more closely and pay attention, then I wouldn’t need to do this. Then again, if people weren’t negatively imaginative and motivated by bad intention it would be even more unnecessary.
I received a comment this morning by someone who insists that I am an intelligence asset; specifically that I work for the CIA. He claims that the same people posting at Zen Gardner’s site also post at mine and that I, personally, am responsible for most of the comments at my sites. This might come as a surprise to those of you who actually comment here. I don’t fabricate comments. I don’t have to. He says I use a false name just like Zen does. My name, Les Visible, has been my name for about 35 years. It is on my passport and every ID I have. He says he has been watching me for a long time… heh heh. How about that?
Here is the literal truth my friends. I do not work for the CIA or any intelligence agency except for my clerical work in The Division of Poetic Discourse for the Almighty God. This is the only firm I have ever been employed by. If it were not for the kindness of strangers I could well be homeless. I get 350 dollars a month from Social Security. I sell a few books and some music. I have no paid ads on my sites. Many people have visited me and I am sure they could tell you that I am just another guy and that I like to cook and make people laugh. I like to sing and make music. I love God. That pretty much sums me up. Oh yeah… I get high now and again and I can drink a river dry should I choose to but those who have been around on those occasions will tell you it is hard to tell the difference between that and nothing at all.
I left Hawaii and it pissed a few people off but they had every opportunity to help me find a new location and they did nothing. They act like I abandoned them and won’t even answer my emails, yet some of them come around and make unfortunate anonymous comments that they think I can’t track. You would be surprised at what is possible if you are computer savvy. I had no choice but to leave, most especially after my jaw got broken.
I do not work for any material agency. I do not fabricate comments. I am no friend of Zen Gardner. For years I have been hearing from people that he plagiarizes my work and steals my headlines. Dozens of people have told me this. I have never checked and I don’t care. Zen Gardner doesn’t even like me. I have no opinion on him whatsoever. I simply do not like judgment being passed with no evidence. Ambulance chaser Katz, who hasn’t been around here for awhile (thank god for that) says that I am in approval of pedophilia and all manner of crimes because I support Zen. I do not support him at all. I just don’t fancy lynchings without proof. Sure… he was in that organization but what did he do personally? Until I know that I don’t know anything at all. I have reasons for what I do and one of them, in this case, is that ‘they’ are prepared to come after all of us.
I find it very strange that this mysterious backstabber lady went nova on Zen when he shared with her, in confidence, tales of his past. It all looks like a put-up job to me and I know from put-up jobs. I find the whole affair to be very strange and that is why I commented. For all I know, Zen is up to his neck in all kinds of shit but… I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know and neither do you. I took this whole thing as an opportunity to talk about certain considerations. It was a chance to speak on a particular matter, nothing more. When I was younger I was very judgmental but I never turned my fine toned intellect upon myself. For that I am very sorry and I try to make up for my passing judgments on others and not passing judgment on myself, I am trying to make up for that. When the Cassiopeia people came after me, for no legitimate reason, I was hurt by it but I suppose I am fair game. When they got in trouble I came to their defense and Jeff Rense and a bunch of other heavy hitters gave me a whole lot of grief for it, citing what they had done to them. I value fair play very highly. Even if someone is my enemy, I will stand for them if I think they are unfairly accused. This is just how I am made. The Cassiopeia people hate me… so what? I have always tried to do the right thing. Arguably, I don’t always know what that is but I try…
I can say with absolute authority in the matter that I don’t work for anyone but God. I may do a piss poor job of it but that is who I work for. You won’t find out anything about me except that I have been erratic on occasion and often more intense than I should have been and I am nothing like that now. If anyone has any facts otherwise, please present them. Don’t make outrageous claims about me that have no substance, unless you have substance. My friend Peter Blum, who is a hypnotherapist, once said to me, “Wow! Visible, people either really like you or don’t like you at all. There is no middle ground. When I asked the people who didn’t like you if they had ever met you, not one of them had. So I asked, ‘why don’t you like him?’ and they said, “It is the things he says.”” I am controversial… true… and I piss people off. My friend, Bud Clifton once said, in reference to my stand up comedy, “Most comedians make people laugh, Visible makes people angry.” Heh heh. I suppose that is true.
Robert Hitt, the astrologer wrote me yesterday to tell me that my birthday really began at 5:07 on the 21st and that I should think about what I wanted at that particular time because it really works to do so. He is very good at what he does so I took him up on it and at that time I said to God, “Please Lord, take away my shortcomings and grant me your qualities and as far as the material plane goes, please give me a nice rustic dwelling, where friends can come and visit and we can share those wonderful moments that are the true signature dish of life.” That sums me up completely. That is in essence what I am and what I want and I don’t care one wit about all the accusations and fantasy slander. Prove your case or shut the fuck up.
I’m no different than most of you and I think the quality of the readership speaks to the quality of me. I am a work in progress, struggling the same as all of us who aspire to something greater. I will and do make mistakes and I strive really hard not to repeat them. I have had some success at this and am a far better man than once I was. I feel bad for Zen Gardner. I believe he is trying to redeem himself and I applaud that. Maybe I am wrong about him. Time will tell.
If you don’t like what you find here then… please, go somewhere else. Most of the people who come here like what they find and I am grateful every day that you have given me an audience to talk about the great love affair of my life and that is THE INEFFABLE. I have spent a lifetime of arduous struggle and suffering in the pursuit of the author of all things. I love the divine with every breath in my being and I only hope that I can love more. There is nothing secretive or hidden about me. If you can find something then please state it chapter and verse. Sure… I am over the top sometimes and abrasive. I recognize and acknowledge this. I’m working on my delivery (grin) and every day I am a little better at it.
“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I love Jesus Christ for all the fantastic and hope filled things he said. His words resonate in my heart. I try to walk in his footsteps and I am a failure at this more often than I wish were so …but I will NEVER give up and one day I will be worthy as a disciple. That day has not yet come but I do believe it will. May the almighty shine his love and radiance upon you all, be you friend or foe. This is my sincere wish. God bless you my friends. One day you will all be my friends.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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