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henrymakow.com — August 18, 2016

zen gardner

ZG left cult in 1999 at 49, so he must be about 65. Click to enlarge

A prominent member of the conspiracy community, Zen Gardner, aka Don Ferguson recently “came out” as a former member of a notorious satanic sex cult.
My reader who wishes to remain anonymous feels he’s getting off too easily. Forgiveness is wonderful, but when it’s premature it’s enabling,” she writes.
I agree that it’s incredible that for 27 years he didn’t know exactly what was going on. It’s incredible that no one outed him.
(Disclosure- ZG virtually stepped into my spot on Rense.com after my break with JR.  I don’t hold that against him.  I had promoted him to JR but Jeff was turned off by the name “Zen.” I don’t follow his work now. I am posting this because it is discussion and newsworthy. ZG’s confession is courageous but was it foolhardy? Is it complete? ZG is repentant. Should his readers forgive and forget?)
Cover of one of the brochures the group that Gardner was part of put out. Click to enlarge

Cover of one of the brochures the group that Gardner was part of put out. Click to enlarge

Latest from anonymous- Just came across some of the front covers of the brochures put out by “The Family” over the years.  Naturally every member undoubtedly saw them.  How could Zen’s eyes have beheld these and his spiritual self not rebel?  Here’s a peek

by Anonymous — (henrymakow.com) 

This article refers to recent revelations by Zen Gardner and the consequent sweeping it under the rug by many prominent alternative news sites.  Some also made excuses for him.  For those unfamiliar, Zen Gardner’s website is a kind of a combination of conspiracy investigation and new-age hopefulness.
Mr. Gardner, who has many followers, recently revealed that he spent a good portion of his adult life in the cult known as “The Children of God” which later became known as “The Family.”  It is a cult of pedophilia.

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