Evil May be Banal but The Good in Us is Extraordinary

Smoking Mirrors — August 17, 2016

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Greetings my dear friends on this auspicious day. All days are auspicious when the ineffable is the centerpiece of your existence. I woke up to a strange new world today. Something is very different but I do not know exactly what that is. It has a lot to do with the way I am experiencing it. The day might be the same as any other but the way I am perceiving it has changed. The ineffable is much closer than before. I have come to believe that if you have spent the larger part of your life in pursuit of and admiration for the ineffable, as a adjunct to the false appearances of the aging process, the ineffable begins to burn away every veil and extraneous distraction. The time will come when your sincerity has been proven because you are still at it and the ineffable knows that you will continue to be at it and that you have come too far to go back. At this point the ineffable becomes more and more pervasive and starts to take over every aspect of your existence. This is a certainty and all you have to do is to persist in your end of the equation. That is all that is required of you and it is vastly accelerated, if you comprehend the meaning of the greatest commandment and employ the greatest commandment as comprehensively as you are able. This tandem, while employing relentless focus and industry, puts the whole process in Turbo mode. This is what you want.
In honor of this being a special day of transition we are going to do a temporary reversal of the usual template and start out with the spiritual and then move to the material, instead of the other way around as is the norm round here. Of course, in my mind it is all spiritual and only appears as the two because we have divided the world in our minds. We want to unify ourselves, not divide ourselves. The agents of darkness have the division agenda as their primary concern. Most of us believe that we have an independent mind; that all of us have an independent mind and after a fashion this is so …but in truth, in the comprehensive sense, there is only one mind and we individualize it. It is as if there is a vast ocean and our individual consciousness is an inlet out of the greater sea. Realized masters exist in the ocean itself as their persona and this is how they come to resonate with one and all.
So, we will go from the seeming spiritual to the seeming material and then loop back again. First up is this lovely example of zombie think. You cannot be unaware of the zombie trend in movies and other media; certainly there is an army of zombies in the contemporary music business. There is nothing accidental about this. As you will note in the article, this kind of thing has happened before. There are a number of designer drugs going around at the moment that are geared in this direction. Most people don’t know that Little Georgie Sorrows owns Tavistock. Yes… Rothschild poster boy front man owns Tavistock and Tavistock… MKUltra and the CIA umbrella are behind the chemical composition of a lot of these designer drugs. Back in the 80’s I had the pleasure of taking REAL MMDA. It was utterly remarkable. Please forgive me for talking about drugs in this brief moment but I am trying to make a point where drugs are only an analogy. MMDA/Ecstasy was made illegal at a certain point around that time. I believe this first happened in Texas and one must understand the power of the California Board of Regents. They were that organization where research into the benefits of X/MMDA was going on. They made sure that they were allowed to keep on keeping on. I won’t get into all the legal speak about it but I followed it. Shortly after this, the Israelis took over the Ecstasy market. This you can prove out should that be important to you. Take my word on it. From that point on, you couldn’t get the real deal anymore and I have never seen it again.
They get you engaged in certain substances and then they alter the chemistry of it and it becomes something far different than it once was. It is at Tavistock and these other Satanic think tanks where they experiment of people to see the results of their perversion of the original chemistry and how it matches up with what they are after.
Today… being not like any other day, I am doing something I have never done before; instead of watching a movie or one of the NFL pre-season games, I am watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “I am Cait.” Wow! I knew it would be demonic and lame at the same point. It is meeting my expectations. What fascinates me is not the main players but all those sidemen that are on the sidelines, jockeying for face time because it is as important as the candle flame and the light fixtures are to moths, with, I think, the same result. I have never seen any of these programs before. Truly, “evil is banal.” I think it was Hannah Arendt who said that. I seem to remember it had something to do with Eichman. Of course, she was/is a Tribe apologist and reality shisk-kabob chef. That is irrelevant. Even a busted clock keeps time twice a day and out of the mouths of demons can come angelic commentary; not for long but it can happen.
We live in an odd world, in an odd time and odd things happen. It is almost as if the truth and reality are an inadvertent result that inexplicably comes out of every effort set against their appearance. This is the wonder and beauty of Mr. Apocalypse. No matter what you do, or how much money you have, or how skillfully you orchestrate the lies that are created to make you rich and powerful, the truth leaks in. Mr. Apocalypse is unstoppable. Mr. Apocalypse is ‘the bomb’, literally. Here is what I advise anyone who might have an interest to study and then accept with a whole heart; appearances tell us one thing and for the same reason over and over again. So it seems that the forces of darkness are far more powerful than they actually are. At NO TIME has the almighty not been in charge of everything. When the almighty decides that the time has arrived for anything that the almighty wants to have manifest, it is a done deal, period. All the almighty has to do is think something and it is a reality, period. When the divine decided to manifest as Mr. Apocalypse, that was/is that. Nothing is going to stop Mr. Apocalypse and everything attempted or done by any or all of the agents of the infernal realm will turn to the fulfillment of the will of the almighty. No matter how duplicitous, or Byzantine, no matter how labyrinthine or complex might be the plots of the fallen, they all work to the completion of the cosmic will. The cosmic will is behind everything that has ever been. By this I mean it precedes it. The Cosmic will is at the furthest edge of the future, looking back on the moment, far in advance of anything that transpires on the way to that point and whenever the planetary destiny comes to that point, the cosmic mind and will are once again at the furthest possible point beyond looking back AND at all times the cosmic mind and will are immersed in the present, in fact IS the present, is the environment, the performers and that objective witness apart, simultaneously and forever, within the moment deepening beyond the reach of any mind but the cosmic mind.
God is the be all and end all of everything. If it takes you ten million years or a moment so quick it cannot be measured, you will find this to be true. There is no escaping that the divine is all things all the time. As is said about Jesus Christ, and I am paraphrasing; ‘same today same tomorrow, same forever’. That is the gist of it. Some see this as a dictatorial posture, something unbearably inescapable; What about what I want?!! What you want is what god wants. Desire is the agent of God’s will. In the totality of it, the love of and surrender to the almighty is the ultimate freedom. It appears as a contradiction so long as the false self holds sway. Once the true self has come into residence, you realize that you are that. It is what you are. God is the perfect expression of your own true self. There is no other and it is the same true self that exists in everyone but which is expressed through that unique and particular stained glass window of the personality, which is that common and all pervasive light, refracted through the individual expression of it. It’s not that difficult. I was extremely fortunate. It happened to me with such force that I had no defense against it and in an instant, I agreed and complied for all time. Certainly there has been suffering in the process of a surrender into the unavoidable assimilation …but that only brings tears of joy so sweet that only the experience of it can define it. There is no other vehicle in words, or music or gestures or thought that can come close to the unspeakable experience of it. You are changed forever.
Let us close by updating the journey to come. Because of the response, the state of Washington is now on the map and in the next few days I will list the states we will pass through. Keep sending in your contact info and location so that it can all be added into the mix. This should be fun.
Much love to you all!
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Radio broadcast still resident in the ethers.


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