We Came to Armageddon, just to find the Battle Won

Visible Origami — August 16, 2016

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I don’t know what one is to make of this mysterious happening that has been a mystery since it first happened and was brought about by one R.C. Christian who represented some unknown group that was instrumental in having this Stonehenge-likes sculpture erected. There are no details to speak of, which concern whatever the motive was to have this removed. Spooky things are going on.
Less spooky but certainly more perverse are articles like this. It was published in that icon of sump pump journalism, whose motto is something like, “all this shit we print.” Imagine my surprise when I found this was written by a rabbi. His reflections on God’s gender confusion are a marvel of psycho babble. Does anyone need further proof of who is behind this massive cultural sewage project? The New York Times is a wholly Tribe owned and administered disinfo organ. Tribe members sit on the board of directors of every alternative sex performing organization and in some cases it is exclusively Tribe members. Tribe members are at the head of every militant atheist organization. They are the primary driving force behind the drive for global communism. They are behind the wars that profit their international banker membership and they are behind the forces that are funneling aggressive migrants into all of the 1st world countries of Europe. None of this is open for dispute.
Here is something I know. I don’t know much by comparison with the all knowing mind of God but I do know that the incremental exposure of Tribe manipulations of all that was once good and decent, into ever widening whirlpools of depravity, by various forces in pursuit of the truth, is all the result of the collective efforts of the armies of Mr. Apocalypse and by their own hand, the agents of darkness are pushing themselves front and center to be named, labeled and convicted of near countless crimes against humanity. The Age of Exposure does not have a set length of time nor a limitation upon events. It ends when its agenda has been accomplished. All will be uncovered and we will be judged within our own conscience for the lies we have embraced and we will by the energies of our own hand place ourselves center stage for the eyes of the world. It is like the operation of the most accurate watch ever made. Every hour the light intensifies and the accumulating weight of intention and action will finally break the veil of appearances, until there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and no argument can exist to exonerate those who have worked so tirelessly to destroy and enslave humanity.
In this critical hour, we must strive with all the strength and fortitude that we can muster to be a living light in the service of the source of all light and all power. The hand of the ineffable moves inexorably toward the lever that switches the course of force from the hands of the servants of the infernal, into the hands of servants of the supernal. In a moment, everything is changed. We wait upon this moment with both faith and certitude. God is not mocked, nor can the lies that entangle us, or our fellows, prevail over the course of humanities struggle to be free of them. We shall be free. In fact, all we need do is to recognize that we already are. It is much like the fear of Armageddon and the supposed battle that is the hallmark of the event. The battle has already been fought and won.
Every consideration of and apprehension before the forces of darkness and confusion, are a projection of atavistic fantasies of fears, woven out of the restless pools of memories that may have no personal connection to us whatsoever. At a certain point in the far distance behind us, we have blended into one another, either through genealogy or shared experience that was never even experienced but only seemed to be. We thought something was true and then began to act as if it had been and that led us into an ever greater potential for its impact upon us when it never was in the first place. It is like the Holocaust Fantasy that was created for two primary reasons. One of them was a a protection against the recognition of terrible crimes, committed by Tribe cabals, where the perpetrators portrayed themselves as victims, when they were the victimizers- and the other was purely for economic gain and political clout, purchased with funds extorted from those who have been painted as oppressors when they were not only the oppressed but also the ones tortured and murdered by those who claim they were tortured and murdered. When the truth of this particular lie is revealed, as it will be, the repercussions and reverberations will shake the world.
We live in a world that is founded on diaphanous fabrications. The cultural and legal infrastructure is presented as true and fair expressions of all things good for all of us …but which exist only to be used by those with the power to pervert them at every turn. It seems that no activity is too hideous for those who believe themselves to be above the law and immune to its tenets. Here is such an example. Is this true? Is it possible that this can be true? We have already seen in recent decades and also in the long road of life that bends out of the swallowing mist of the forgotten past and which features all our history as roadside attractions, that there is no limit upon what the more bestial and psychopathic among us are capable of.
About 15 years ago there began to appear posters on bulletin boards and telephone poles all over the French countryside. Hundreds of young girls had gone missing. I was living in Europe at the time and this came to my attention. As I just tried to find some news reports on this, I could find nothing. I didn’t look that hard since my memory of the situation is clear and accurate and all I have to know is that it did happen. I don’t have to prove it to anyone. People can believe what they like and it is already an established fact that thousands and thousands of young people disappear every year and are never seen or heard from again. Obviously, within the bewildering mix of runaways that find a new location under the radar, there are those who are snatched and used in terrible ways. Sure you can sit back and ask, “What kind of a God would permit this sort of thing?” It’s all Karma. This is the time of scores being settled. It is a time of payback for sins of the past and it is difficult for the layman to see that the pimp or human trafficker of their last go round is now the woman in a cage somewhere. The intricacy of the human equation among all the numbers of extras on the set is beyond the capacity of any one mind to compute the meaning of. I take it on faith; not dismissively so …but simply that the almighty is right there in every moment, every event; is right there in the midst of us, working out all the details and all for the single purpose of bringing every one of us to liberation.
I cannot sit around agonizing about all of it. I am in no position to pass judgment on the why and wherefore of all the conditions and circumstances that come up every day. I have to trust someone or something and I choose to trust the ineffable. There is so much that I do not know but the ineffable knows everything and whatever I do know, on any given day, is given to me by the ineffable. I have to believe that every gesture I make and every gesture I see, is choreographed by the overarching consciousness that is in all things. I must, at some point, trust in something and since I have proven to myself that God is real and compassionate and loving beyond anything I can imagine, I must make the divine the centerpiece of my life. I have proven this to myself again and again and again and otherwise have had it proven to me. By this time, I can only hold my hands open and raise them to the sky and thank from the bottom of my heart, the grace and magnificent mercy of the author of all things.
In two weeks we will be on the road for 4 to 6 weeks, crossing the northern route first and the southern route back. If you haven’t sent me your email and phone number, along with your location, please do so, if you would like to get together with us along the way. We are in no need of places to stay, or anything like that. We would like to visit with you on your porch, or at a restaurant, or in a park. Picnics are especially attractive (grin). It might be that hearing from you moves the sticks enough to bring us into your area, when added to the others who are in your neighborhood.
I am making a list and putting pins in the map to guide our course. It looks like we might well come through Oregon on the first leg, given the amount of readers who have responded from that location. So far, Washington doesn’t have the numbers (smile) but that could change. Some places are guaranteed, like the Sequoia National Forest, Sedona, Austin, Boulder and locations in Missouri and North Carolina for sure. In some cases because of the numbers we will be in that area for several days.
I’ll be bringing copies of the books that got written and thumb drives of the music for all and sundry, unless we run out. Let me know.
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