9/11 and the Holocaust; How Much Truth Does the Truth Require?

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As if there were any doubt, in any way, anymore, about two critical circumstances that shape our world, there should be none now. We can be very fundamental about this. “We can go to rank and file. We can go to bedrock and we can also be certain that the truth will not be hid for long now. Not only is 9/11 the litmus test but we have the right to inquire about anything because of the cost it has brought everyone but the ones who did it. For them it is all massive profit.

Kevin Bracken is a hero. Kenneth O’Keefe is a hero too but you can find out about O’Keefe on your own. These videos bring something to light in ways that even a moron can find reason to be convinced of. One of them is mass media. The same mass media owned by those who were behind both events.

This 9/11 and this curious foundation for so much in our present day are doing nasty things in their parents beds while their friends listen outside the door. What does it take to wake you up world? Should I take a hammer and go from door to door, town to town, country to country and bang on it so that you can recognize that you have been turned into one if the people in that bed and all of the people listening outside the door?

I don’t know how anyone will take what I write anymore after the most recent Smoking Mirrors. The early comments made me feel like I was going with that same hammer and begging door to door. I was, but it wasn’t about money or apples. It was about the truth. In the meantime, people who are fighting for the truth are also fighting with each other and I can’t find a side to be completely on the side of so I can only fight for the truth herself and hope it will somehow bring those of us who are together to a place of greater strength and joined in our common struggle.

There is no on who is reading this right now, or who ever will, who is not affected by these two events. All of us should take this personally. Very few of us got a real apple through the barbed wire while a psychopathic few were getting all of the apples for themselves and raising their own livestock on the livestock’s own land for the purpose of harvesting organs because their own organs will not function because there is no integrity in them. I think this is the real reason that they are behind all of this organ harvesting. There are so few of them and so many organs. Think about it. It is ugly and evil and pornographic beyond description and your imagination doesn’t even want to go there.

I am confident now that there is no way that the truth can be kept from us. I feel like I can even see the future and that is a scary thing. It should come as no surprise that Jon Faine from the first video looks like Steven Spielberg. I shouldn’t have to be doing this. You should be doing this. Kevin Bracken and Kenneth O’Keefe are doing this. Max Keiser is doing this and we are all doing something by degrees and on levels within the dimensions of our enterprises but it is not enough. Please do what you can, every one of you, from every location to bring into being just a little more of the naked truth even if you have to rip the clothes from her body.

I’m trying to get to my olive groves and reap my small harvest which costs more than any olive oil would in any store but it’s the real thing and somehow you can’t get that in a store. Meanwhile I am experiencing some of the most terrific pain in my life due to gallstones that have come about because I lost so much weight during all those events in Italy earlier this year. Now I am told I should have my gall bladder removed because this stone is too big to pass. I believe I can pass it with an ayurvedic remedy which I should be out getting the ingredients for but I am writing this instead. I’m pretty much out of my mind and I guess the most recent link pays proof to that. I’m also going back to Italy to do the same thing, more or less so, let’s all do our best. I’m told that if I don’t do something about this stone that it will kill me. That’s not a bad price given the circumstances being outlined here.

The pain is terrific and it is no less than what I deserve. My main concern while writing this is that this be seen as a metaphor or analogy for something else. It’s all true but that is not my motive. Can it be any less clear that we should all do our best. Kenneth O’Keefe is risking his life. It’s what he does. Kevin Bracken is risking his reputation and all that he stands for in the minds of the people who believe in him. We all need to take this into account.

If ever I wished I had some Special K and that it was legal, that time is now (grin). I have never seen such strange days as I now find myself in. I can only be so grateful that I have a loving consort and some really good friends who don’t have much themselves but who have been willing to share what there is with me. Doesn’t it always go to show that those with the least somehow are most willing to give the most, while those with too much to even know how much that is, cannot be motivated to share at all?

In times of darkness even those without much are being constrained from sharing and from working together because of differences in perception and opinion. If only they would put those things aside then we would all have a lot more to share and we could do so much more. We are making mountains out of molehills while our enemies are turning those molehills into bullets and the blazing truth in the first two links of this posting should convince everyone to shut up and see to their own shortcomings.

People talk a lot about being a Christian but when it comes to behaving like one, they don’t seem to have what it takes. People talk about being a Muslim or whatever it is that they are but practicing it seems to be more than what they are capable of. I feel like taking that hammer and going from head to head right now, instead of from door to door and screaming “Wake up”!http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=33200&songID=2729107

I can’t live other people’s lives for them. I can only live my own and I’m not doing that as effectively as I could either. I suppose it’s karma and maybe some amount of my own selfishness and laziness but if my respect for anyone else counts for anything then I expect you will try to do the right thing now so that we can all be a little more like Kevin Bracken and Kenneth O’Keefe.

I should have been on the road already and days ago been where I am supposed to be. It must be the grace of the divine that kept me here because I can’t imagine what kind of a nightmare I would have found myself in on the road by now. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t have a gall bladder now and that would be okay too. Now I risk losing so many of the olives I was going there to get because of the timeline. It’s absurd really. It’s too bad I don’t have someone here to drive down with me because that would solve a lot of problems but maybe that would cause some too (grin). It’s a dilemma and no mistake about that.

Think people! Study those first two videos and tell me if it could be any more clear what has been going on and what IS going on and tell me what you think you ought to do and even what I ought to do. Mercifully, my pain has backed off for the last few hours and I can’t be grateful enough for that. It is a humbling affair and a teaching moment about things I have taken for granted a little too much on occasion. Maybe I have taken you for granted and I think maybe you have taken me for granted to. Remember, although all of what I am saying is as true as those videos, this is also a metaphor and an analogy and an appeal for all of us to pay a little more attention, to do a little more and to try a little harder so that we don’t turn into what the enemy what’s us to. Let’s turn into what we are capable of by finding that Kevin Bracken and Kevin O’Keefe within us instead of the Julian Assange or the Alex Jones that we don’t need right now. Let’s not be our own worst enemies.

Let’s not see too little too late. Let’s not die by inches and degrees the way a coward does. Let’s do the right thing while we have the time instead of spending forever in hindsight and regret for what we could have been and done.

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