We are Ruled by a Ruthless Parasitical Entity

Anthony Migchels — Facebook August 13, 2016

All we think we know about History is a complete lie.
Don’t fall for the stories that the West brought ‘civilization’ to America, Africa and Asia.
Quite the opposite is the truth: India was spiritually and culturally miles ahead of Europe by the time the British took over. They barbarized the place.
When the Europeans came to America, it was the Indians that taught them to take a bath, not the other way around.
And Africa did share in the internationally oriented civilizations that existed all over the World.
All ‘we’ did was bring cannons and railways: to rob the place, and to be able to transport the riches to the harbors, so that the Plutocracy in the West could disown entire peoples.
The disdain for local peoples that is so typical of the Alt-Right is the disdain of the narcissist, that first utterly undoes a person, and next points at him saying ‘look, what a mess’.
Europe itself had been badly barbarized at the time, first by almost two centuries of deflation, when Venice located Banksters took most Silver bullion out of circulation. Money scarcity, which strongly centralizes wealth, was one of the key drivers for the Age of Discovery. They went out to search for bullion, to salvage their own economies.
When Gold started flowing to Europe, stolen from the Aztecs and Incas, who were brutally gutted in a way that few people today realize, the economy picked up, but meanwhile Northern Europe was devastated by the Reformation.
Germany, already at the time the heartland of Europe, was wiped out, and remained underpopulated and divided for two centuries, before it finally recovered under Prussia, before being again utterly trounced.
We are ruled by a ruthless, purely parasitical entity.
Europe has long been a bunch of captive nations, who did not bring ‘civilization’, but Capitalism to the World.
Whites who think they are better off because they are better people are purely delusional. They’re like the Negroes of yesteryear, who whipped their lesser brethren for their Slave Masters, thinking they were moving up in the World.
We should in no way side with the States that rule over us in the name of the very wealthy, and we should always side with those even more down trodden than ourselves.
That does not mean we have to buy their myths, or their often cruel, but ultimately petty crime.
It just means growing up.



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