Woman Blames Birth Control for Debasing Love

henrymakow.com — August 13, 2016

Women need love. Birth control allows men to forget that.

by Connie — (henrymakow.com)

Woman-with-birth-control-pills-800x430I must say that sex in your 20’s with birth control is pretty darn good. At that age, sex is new, so exciting, and you are flattered by the attention, every time. Your medical doctor may just become your BFF. His prescription holds the key to so much!
But after awhile, unless children arrive to distract you, contracepted sex gets to be more about the sex, and less about you.
Yes this is okay, but only to a point. You both thought sex itself was the intimacy, but as a woman, sooner or later, you need to share and talk.
Meanwhile, he’s thinking we are “equal” now… why do we have to talk… and for how long? Are you rejecting me? Again?
You are starting to put on weight from The Pill. He doesn’t like condoms. You know the drill.
If you were fertile most of the time, you would actually have the power to put on the brakes at a moment’s notice.
You could actually say HOLD EVERYTHING WE’RE GONNA TALK, FIRST!  Then I’ll THINK about having sex with you… and he wouldn’t roll his eyes; he would respect this!  Imagine!
So in your 30s on BC, you are starting to know something is wrong, but you never, ever trace it back to the BC, because you were told BC liberates you.
After all, it is ubiquitous, just part of life, even responsible.
You start to realize the medical risks. The worst may be coming true. Yet your doctor would never advise using a calendar or a thermometer. That would be archaic. He doesn’t know computers can help you now. So you do your duty, business as usual.
Never in a million would you say BC causes relationship woes. Pope Paul VI said BC would lead to an increase in divorce and people thought he was nuts. But look where we are.


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