Rense vs Glenn

Rixon Stewart – October 30, 2010

The spat that broke out between Mark Glenn and Jeff Rense over Devvy Kidd’s inflammatory “Islam a cancer oozing across America” is a revealing one.
In its aftermath there have been appeals for calm and calls for unity as we face one common enemy. However, a regular and valued contributor from Europe suggested that I had a contribution to make and I won’t be pouring oil on troubled waters.
Instead I’ll be adding fuel to the fire, as it were, because this website has also had doubts about Jeff Rense. More than just qualms about his presentation however, these are very serious misgivings about his integrity.
They began when this website first started and Rense accused it of taking material from his site. I hadn’t but his accusations rang alarm bells.
In challenging what was then a virtual Internet monopoly, I sensed that I had slighted an inflated ego, or maybe something worse.
Why, I wondered, had Rense never posted Richard Tomlinson’s historic affidavit on Princess Diana’s death?
He knew about it and had even posted articles that referred to it. Some of these articles had already appeared in the mainstream media giving Rense little option but to post them if he wanted to remain at the forefront of ‘alternative news coverage’, as he claims. So what was stopping him from posting the document itself?
However my misgivings about Rense really deepened after two young thugs in Germany attacked Mike James.
A regular contributor to this website and others including Rense, Mike fought off a potentially murderous assault.
ZioNazis had probably employed his attackers and although it took its toll on him Mike came out on top. However, it was what happened afterwards that was really revealing.
In the immediate aftermath Rense ignored all Mike’s emails to try and publicise the attack so as to prevent others.
Instead, Rense removed all Mike’s articles from his website.
Let me repeat: in the immediate aftermath of the assault Rense removed all Mike’s archived articles from his website. Almost as if he was trying to erase all traces of Mike’s input to the web.
This was even more suspicious because the attack was meant, at the very least, to silence Mike through intimidation.
Fortunately, Mike is made of sterner stuff but subsequent events did nothing to dispel my suspicions about Rense.
Mike has since fully recovered and resumed writing again. As he has done so Rense has slyly has been reposting Mike’s articles simply because he had no other option.
Rense was compelled to do so because Mike is a popular writer and Rense cannot have him appearing on rival websites and not on his own. If nothing else it would undermine his website’s own standing.
The New World Order is trying to neutralise and subvert any opposition and that entails enlisting apparent adversaries. Indeed it has a long history of doing so.
From the Russian Revolution, which was ostensibly for the “workers” but ultimately served the purposes of a moneyed trans-national elite. To a time when the CIA experimented with drugs as a means of control, leading to suspicions that counter-culture guru Timothy Leary had been in their employ. The elite have regularly set up apparent opponents and then used them to further their own ends.
Alex Jones is a recent prime example of this. Bankrolled and controlled by Zionists within the New World Order, he makes a lot of noise about big government but carefully skirts around issues involving Zionism and Israel.
Even going so far as to tell one participant on his show before an interview: “Don’t criticize Jews”.
Rense isn’t a Zionist but I would suggest that the Anglo-American factions within the New World Order are using him for their own purposes.
Also see Lisa Guliani’s, Jeff Rense: A Reincarnation of What?