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From Fort Russ — Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova Off-Guardian Aug 12, 2016

Sea Breeze exercises were used to transfer foreign mercenaries to the border of Crimea

Ukraine and NATO’s Sea Breeze exercises in the Black Sea became a smokescreen to smuggle foreign mercenaries to Odessa and Kherson region, said former people’s deputy Aleksey Zhuravko on air of program “Pravda.”

According to him, such actions are directed against Russia and are a preparation for war.

“Why do you think today, so many mercenaries came to the territory of Ukraine? It’s no secret that in Nikolaev, Odessa region there are Poles, Hungarians and Americans. This was all done for ‘Sea Breeze’, but, in fact, a springboard is prepared for war against Russia. When they realized that they lost Crimea, immediately understood what is behind it. Of course, while it’s still hot, they want to spin the wheel of war. And this wheel will continue to spin,” – said Zhuravko.