Why do Jews Choose Complicity?

henrymakow.com — August 11, 2016

Human Shields?

why do jews choose complicity
Even though they may have no personal responsibility whatever, they will throw their bodies into the line of fire. They will defend the bankers just because they’re fellow Jews. They have been trained that anti Semitism does not discriminate between innocent and guilty. But it does. Jews can opt out of the Jewish Conspiracy. They don’t have to take the rap.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

What if you were born into a satanic cult but everybody said you were God’s Chosen people,” instead of Lucifer’s?
What if the leaders of this cult were responsible for most for mankind’s problems?
What if they wanted to sabotage humanity in order to make it accept their domination?  In the process, they attack the four pillars of human identity — race, religion, family and nation — in order to re-engineer us. What if they stole a country including people’s homes and farms in order to establish a capital for their world empire?
What if they undermine the love between a man and a woman by brainwashing women to eschew marriage and family. Indeed they attack the idea of gender altogether.
Pope FrancisThey wage war against third world countries and then let these poor people inundate first world countries while keeping Israel pristine. It’s OK to build a wall around Israel but don’t let the goyim try it! They sabotage religion by putting their imposters in leading roles like the Freemason Pope Francis.
“God” has become a dirty word. God is Truth. They wish to turn Truth upside down so they can be on top. They would rule over hell rather than have to share paradise. Some socialists!
While this satanic cult wages a vicious and destructive  war against mankind, they have so little empathy, they can’t comprehend why they’re disliked. They’re all about creating a solipsistic reality which conforms to their self interest and perversions. They accuse their victims of “hatred” and get them expelled or fired.
They put their agents in control of the economy, government, religion, education and culture (media) in order to prevent the people from  resisting their servitude. They censor or deny funding to anyone who threatens their hegemony and spend millions on porn and violence to distract and degrade the masses.



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