Demos Meet 9/11 Truth

Kevin Boyle — Oct 28, 2010

Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites!……who have left undone the weightier matters of the Law…….Blind guides, who strain out the gnat but swallow the camel.
Matthew 23
A graduate student at Goldsmith’s College, London is (apparently) studying the 9/11 Truth movement as part of earning his Ph.D.
The ‘think-tank’ Demos recently published a paper The Power of Unreason in which they basically trashed ‘conspiracy theories’ and offered suggestions as to how to deal with the irrational and sometimes dangerous people who believe them.
Demos and the 9/11 ‘Keep Talking’ group accepted an invitation to a meeting that was held at Goldsmith’s College last night.
Having read the Demos article, I was puzzled why a 9/11 group would even want to meet anyone associated with such a ‘think tank’.
These people cannot possibly acknowledge any truth whatsoever in the very serious allegations we make against ‘government’ (and all who sail in her).
They just can’t.
They know that if they collectively were to admit that the collapse of Building 7, say, really did look like a ‘controlled demolition’ (which it so obviously does) then Demos would quickly become an ex-‘think tank’.
Any individual bold enough to openly express such a thought in public would be out on his over-educated ear.
For a start.
Because to admit such a thing would be, inevitably, to admit everything…….
…….the ‘false flag’ template, the ‘War on Terror’ fraud, the fact that there is a ‘shadow government’ directing our affairs and that elected politicians are, like ourselves, impotent drudges who do their masters’ bidding.
Anyway, I turned up half an hour early hoping to meet the 9/11ers and convince them not to engage with these people at all. We know what they’re about. They are insulting us to begin with (note the word ‘unreason’) and trying to find a way to restrict the growing influence of groups like our own on mainstream thinking.
Genies have been flying out of their bottles and it is the task of people like Demos to manage and subdue dangerous ideas and invent strategies and a plausible language that can be adopted by the political class in order to restore our trust in the authority of the state.
They are professional liars.
Unfortunately, not that the others would have necessarily agreed with me anyway, the room was full and the meeting about to start when I arrived.
The authors of the report, Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller were present. Obviously Oxbridge graduates, these were two very clever young men, demonstrating an extraordinarily sophisticated vocabulary. I’m sure I heard Miller utter a forty-two syllable sentence containing only seven words.
Their opening speil, from Bartlett (who looked like a very young Lord Carlisle), emphasised the “genuine independence” of Demos. Apparently Demos advises Labour, Conservative AND The Liberal Democrats. Now there’s independence.
I could not resist the impulse to interrupt and challenge Bartlett’s concept of independence at that point, which raised a mouthful of angry abuse from a Demos supporter at the other side of the room.
….and the tone was set for the evening.
Suffice it to say that the evening was not a one-sided affair. Some of us did not behave as if we were grateful to be in the presence of these young Lords.
Although the two whizz-kids were given the prominence of the floor, Miller complained bitterly at the end about the chairs ‘one-sided’ management of the meeting.
That was satisfactory enough for me.
It would have been horrible if the evening had been ‘cosy’.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.