Mark Glenn’s Attack on Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense’s website and radio program represent an oasis of truth for countless people around the world who can still think for themselves.

That’s why it was both puzzling and painful to witness a vituperative attack on Jeff by his erstwhile friend and ally Mark Glenn.

Both these men are courageous and outspoken opponents of Zionist World Government. What triggered Glenn’s attack?

Among the thousands of articles Jeff has posted since last summer were two which Mark felt were anti Islam. Mark felt they played into the hands of Zionists who are trying to pit Christians against Muslims and asked Jeff to remove them. Jeff refused. He will not permit anyone to censor his news content or tell him how to run his site. Mark retaliated by launching a vitriolic attack on Jeff.

Ironically, both imitated the hated Zionists by playing the “hate card.” Mark accused Jeff of inciting hatred against Muslims. Jeff accused Mark of inciting Muslim terror against him personally. Jeff threatened to call the FBI and Homeland Security on Mark. Mark said Jeff was threatening Mark’s wife and nine children.

When I suggested to Jeff that Homeland Security is the antithesis of everything he represents, he agreed. He was just trying to get Mark to understand how seriously he took Mark’s readers’ vitriol.

Jeff argued that these two articles were exceptions among thousands that are pro-Muslim or expose the Zionist NWO threat.

One was a ridiculous Zionist propaganda piece that he had meant to label as such. He expected his readers to recognize it.

Mark Glenn certainly didn’t nor did he accept Jeff’s explanation. It was called “Demoting Islam’s Religious Status,” by Martel Sobiesky and argued that Islam isn’t a religion.

The other article by Devvy Kidd had the inflammatory title, “Islam a Cancer Oozing Across America” and described the excesses of radical Islam. Jeff felt Devvy was a respected contributor and had a right to examine these excesses. Jeff points to his Disclaimer at the bottom of every article. Posting does not necessarily mean his endorsement.

Mark basically felt that Jeff should present a consistent party line. Jeff felt that good journalism means presenting a range of views. He consistently posted links to Mark’s own articles. By Mark’s own estimation, Jeff was responsible for 10-15,000 readers each time. In any case, we had two people who should have been cooperating, draining each others’ batteries.


The attacks on Jeff simply ignore his extraordinary ability and record of service. He has provided us with the leading alternative to the mass media. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on him. He has worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year for 15 years. He has not taken a vacation in that time. Yet he has had no formal recognition or thanks.

Rather Jeff is now vilified and accused of being a Zionist mole, which is absurd. People on Mark’s site said Jeff’s father worked for the Rand Corp. Jeff’s father worked in PR for McDonald Douglas. His step mother is a publishing executive.

Before starting his website, Jeff was a nightly on air TV news and anchorman, and often News Director, for network stations across the West. For 12 years he did TWO live 30-60 min. newscasts a night (6pm and 11pm) — 5,000 total live, on-camera newscasts.

He could see that TV News was becoming a mass mind control tool for the Illuminati and left a successful career to go into talk radio. He was chosen to face off against Art Bell’s Coast to Coast when Bell’s network bought Jeff’s. There was room for both of them but Art Bell couldn’t take the competition and insisted that Jeff be fired.

That’s when Jeff went into Internet radio. He has always booked his program guests….around 50 a month. That’s close to 10,000 guests in 17 years. He produces and hosts the program himself and sells all the commercial ads. He has other websites and a Rense Radio Network but you get the idea.

He edits every news story. Some days he uploads over 100 stories. No, he cannot read them all from beginning to end. He readily admits that some things get past him. Let’s cut him some slack.


Jeff and I don’t always agree. Jeff is a lot more skeptical about the holocaust than I am. He has posted some articles that I found offensive. I thought they did his site a disservice. (We would both like to see an impartial investigation.) I also cautioned him about the anti-Islam articles.

Nevertheless, I respect his judgment and his right to run his web site as he sees fit. Similarly he puts up with some of my choices with which he disagrees.

I also appreciate that he treats Jews as individuals and judges them on their individual behavior. He is not a racist in the sense of condemning all Jews for the actions of so many. When I pointed out that a contributor had advocated rounding up all US Jews, Jeff immediately took the offending article down.

My policy is to never criticize fellow patriots. I cooperate with people on the basis of what we have in common. I don’t expect we’ll agree on everything. If I can’t say something nice, I won’t say anything. I focus on what we have in common, and recognize the real good they are doing.

I am sick of ad hominem attacks. Just because someone disagrees, it doesn’t mean he is sick or evil or an enemy agent. It’s as if the Rockefellers are inaccessible so patriots must attack their colleagues instead.

Let’s save our venom for the enemy: the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel, specifically the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their myriad dupes, lackeys and tools. They thrive on division and we fall for it.

Mark Glenn is one of the most eloquent and courageous critics of Judaism, Jews and Zionist hegemony. He has championed the “USS Liberty” story like no one else. If the Liberty story had been heard, 9-11 would not have happened. They were both false flags.

Jeff has given Mark exposure as he has for countless other dissidents. Hesham Tillawi, a Palestinian activist and friend of Mark’s, is a prime example. He continues to be a regular guest on Jeff’s show.

We all owe Jeff Rense a vote of thanks. He may have made mistakes but he doesn’t deserve the treatment he received from Mark and his followers.

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Makow comment: I didn’t call Mark but I did read his many statements. I felt I understood his position. He thinks Jeff should be consistent in the positions he presents.

Although some of Jeff’s contributors are anti Islam, I don’t believe Jeff is pursuing an anti-Islam line. He has numerous contributors and doesn’t impose a strict “party line.” He feels people can use their own judgment.

I wouldn’t post these articles on my site but Jeff conducts his site in his own way. The good work he does more than offsets this difference of opinion.

Instead of trying to pressure Jeff, Mark should have made a reasoned argument against posting these articles. I bet Jeff would have posted a link to it.