Bodies: The Illuminati Culture of Death

In recent years “BODIES… The Exhibition” has been touring all across North America, from Winnipeg to Tampa, from Albuquerque to Quebec City.

From its title you might think it’s a waxworks display like Madame Tussaud’s – or maybe soft-core porn parading as art.

But this exhibit – which pretends to be cultural and educational – is more than nudity, more than anatomical display. Much more.

It’s a display of naked human cadavers – real cadavers – many of them dissected, and preserved by using transparent liquid silicone rubber.

You can see a cadaver playing basketball, you can see one conducting an orchestra. You also get to see various body systems (digestive, urinary, reproductive, etc.). You see body parts, and organs, and fetuses (unborn babies), all real, all dead.

If this exhibit were installed in a medical school, for the education of medical students, there would be no problem. But it’s aggressively marketed to the public, including elementary school children taken on a “field trip.” Instead of looking at Monet and Matisse, they’re exposed to real corpses.

Naturally (according to Premier Exhibitors, Inc., the promoters) this is “an educational experience” that you can “celebrate,” that will “enlighten, inform, inspire.”

In truth it’s more like a “snuff film,” both pornographic and ghoulish.


Since these are real human bodies, the question arises: who are they, who were they? Where do they come from?

Answer: the cadavers were “donated” by China. Does this mean the men and women whose bodies are on display donated them for this purpose, much as many of us donate our organs for medical purposes upon death? I’m afraid not.

The exhibitor discreetly informs us that “the bodies were not formally donated by people who agreed to be displayed.”

Formally? Are we to infer from this that it was all agreed to on a handshake?

No, the Chinese government claims these are people who died having no close kin to claim the body. Unfortunately there’s no documentation to support this.

As a result, it’s widely believed by human rights activists (such as Harry Wu, who spent 19 years in a Chinese labor camp) that these are the bodies of Chinese prisoners, prisoners who may have been tortured and executed by the government.

The Chinese treatment of prisoners is notorious. For example, there have long been serious charges of persecution of a Chinese religious movement, the Falun Gong, involving organ harvesting from live members. (See the report by former Canadian parliamentarian David Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas.)

This is why Premier Exhibitors, Inc., offers a disclaimer: “Premier relies solely on the representations of its Chinese partners and cannot independently verify that they (the bodies) do not belong to prisoners executed while incarcerated in Chinese prisons.”

This legal disclaimer is well advised. China, after all, is not only notorious for its cruelty to animals. It’s the land of the “one-child” policy and forced abortion, of brutal political and religious persecution and ethnic cleansing (ask the Tibetans and the Uighurs). It harvests organs on a massive scale for commercial purposes.


To understand who’s behind this, we’ve got to look deeper than Premier Exhibitors, Inc., deeper than China. The exhibitors are “businessmen” making a buck. And China is not yet in a position to directly attack American culture.

This exhibit is just one example of a much larger cultural attack that is carried out, not by China but by powerful forces that control our media, as well as our politics and finance.

This exhibit is not unique. We see the same thing in current films and TV shows, which in the past couple years have begun, unannounced, to routinely exhibit human corpses in grotesque and graphic ways.

For example, the characters in shows such as NCIS casually pick up and handle body parts from a cadaver being dissected in a lab, while the camera dwells on the grisly voyeuristic details.

These programs, and the traveling exhibit of human corpses, force us to focus on things that would naturally shock and repel us, in order to desensitize us. We are being conditioned to regard the human body as something that has no spiritual significance.

To display human corpses publicly is indecent. One of the fundamental things that makes us human rather than animals is that we bury our dead. To stare at dissected corpses draws us into the world of Jeffrey Dahmer, who preserved his victims’ body parts in his refrigerator. We become complicit in a satanic ritual.

A ritual that tells us more strongly than words can that man is just an animal and that death is the ultimate reality. That when we look at the corpses on display, we’re looking at ourselves.

Our hidden masters, the Illuminati, control us politically and financially. They dismantled American manufacturing and off-shored our jobs to China. They destroyed our economy well ahead of the financial crisis of ’08.

But to control us for the long run, they have to destroy our souls. They have to strip us of our sense of the sacred, of our faith. They have to degrade us.

This is the reason for the exhibit of the cadavers, and so much else. And this is the reason why our first line of defense must be to preserve and strengthen our spiritual lives. Only then will we have the strength to do what else will need to be done.

Rollin Stearns is a former book editor who lives in Maine.

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