Society is Being Weaned off Cash — Aug 5, 2016

Makow comment- They don’t have to wait for a cashless society to erase your bank account? Our “money” is already virtual. The bankers can take your money any time they want, whether they call it a “bail in” or something else. Should we trust our nest egg with a business that is constantly promoting sodomy and “diversity”? Obviously our bank is just a branch of the Masonic Jewish banking cartel. We need to diversify our stores of “wealth.”

How To Resist Conditioning For The Cashless Society

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Within the next few decades, it is likely that there will be no more hard cash (coins/notes) left. By this point, the notion of using physical money will be a distant memory tinged with disbelief. “How did we ever manage something so clumsy and backward?” many will say. An increasing number of people are already saying similar things.
In January, 2016, John Cryan, Chief Executive of Deutsche Bank predicted that: “Cash, I think, in ten years time probably won’t (exist). There is no need for it, it is terribly inefficient and expensive.”
Most of the arguments for a cashless society sound sensible and logical on first glance. People who argue against the ‘progress’ and ‘sense’ of this development have been accused of being backward, suspicious, or worse. In light of this, it is going to take considerable courage and character to refuse to conform to the inevitable process unfolding before our eyes.
This article explores five ways in which people are being heavily conditioned to accept the cashless society, and it concludes with what we need to do in order to take a stand against this.
(1) Rhetoric — The use of violent and aggressive language consistently gives the impression that Cash is something we need to treat as an enemy, and thus make war against.
The headline to one article reads: “One Swede Will Kill Cash Forever–Unless His Foe Saves It From Extinction.“[1] The article features the story of Abba front man, Bjorn Ulvaeus, who became a spokesperson for the cashless society after his son was robbed. Ulvaeus postulated that the chance of this happening would have been greatly reduced if paper money (exchanged for stolen items) did not exist. …
2) Reason …


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