Soros is “Kingpin” of Zionist Conspiracy that Controls US Gov’t.- FBI Insider — Aug 4, 2016

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George Soros with chief go’fer, HRC. Click to enlarge

Freemasonry: “We corrupt in order to control.”
An FBI insider confirms that practically the whole US government is controlled through a massive influence peddling operation called the Clinton Foundation.
He says there is also enough to impeach Obama. The whole US government is “guilty of treason.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

During the FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, an anonymous FBI “high level analyst-strategist” answered questions in a forum called 4chan. He confirmed that the goal of the Masonic Jewish bankers is “to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed and become one people ruled by a racially pure Jewish race.”
But he doesn’t really understand the Masonic Jewish conspiracy because he repeats this nonsense:  “They sincerely believe under their rule all human conflict will cease because there will be no more cause for division. This desire is born out of a fear of the horrors of WWII. The Holocaust is a lie, but the death toll was still massive nonetheless. And many people were brutalized by it.”
 But otherwise he is correct when he says, “Soros’ ideology is basically Nazism, but with jews instead of Aryans” calling the shots. He says, “Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US government, right down to the tax code.”
Soros owns Tavistock. Tavistock owns the government. Netanyahu is a Soros collaborator and has control over HRC. So is the Pope. So are Jesse Williams, Tim Wise, Sidney Blumenthal, Huma Abedin, George Stephanopoulos, any high-level Saudi official.
The SJW movement is totally orchestrated by Soros. It’s “ideological enslavement.”
“We created ISIS and other terrorist groups to destabilize the dictators we had previously put in place.”
“Russia is a threat. Highly nationalistic and too white. Loxism [Jewish supremacy] is a real thing. Putin is a terrifying figure. Jews are already attempting to get friendly with him, but he isn’t buying. No one really likes Israel.”
“Soros/Israel control Germany. Germany is bullied into behaving by Israeli ambassadors. Merkel opened the floodgates due to Israeli pressure and a need for Western civilization to improve birthrates. Merkel will be removed soon, but the next leader will be chosen if Germans do not take their election into their own hands.”



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