DEMOS Report: The Power of Unreason

Quote from DEMOS Report, ‘The Power of Unreason’, published on the 27th August 2010:

“Far left and anarchist groups propagate a Marxist-inspired bourgeois conspiracy of ‘international financiers’, or ‘global elites’, which they sometimes believe is leading toward a ‘New World Order’ of a unitary, totalitarian world government.”

Yes, far-left, Marxist anarchists like ex-Thatcher minister, Lord Christopher Monckton* (see his amazing interview with Alex Jones below).

The ‘Think-Tank’ Demos is mostly funded by government departments, i.e. the taxpayer. Their recent report called ‘The Power of Unreason‘ examines ‘conspiracy theories, extremism and counter-terrorism’.

A report as confused, skewed, disingenous and downright dishonest as this indicates very clearly who our government actually are.

Reading this report one is expected to believe, like Demos, that there are no serious unmentioned issues in the public domain that need addressing.

That establishment mouthpieces, i.e. ‘think-tanks’ like themselves, politicians (who make manifest their musings by converting them into the laws we have to obey) and the mainstream media……all are doing a perfectly good job.

Beyond these wise and honourable collectives there are only “unreasonable” (and, by implication, ‘dangerous’) people who do not accept the lying rubbish put spouted by this political class.

The role of finance (and the interests of financiers) is never mentioned when discussing conflict of interests or, more often, ideas.

THIS is the great taboo.

Is it fair to ask Demos why it would be unreasonable to look at who is funding our political parties and, hence, funding themselves and whether there might be any possible connection between the views Demos expresses and the agenda of those who supply them with their income?

Is it fair to point to the recent banking collapse in 2008 and the bail-outs, both here and in the USA, that ‘saved’ these banks and assert that these events provide hard evidence that the banking system OWNS our governments?

Is it fair to ask why our so-called elected governments have presided over the greatest act of theft in human history when trillions of dollars/pounds have been effectively transferred from ‘we the people’ to the private banking corporations?

Is this not REAL EVIDENCE that those who control the banking system also control our politicians and, therefore, ourselves?

Should we not be calling these international bankers our government?

Would that not be a more accurate use of language?

….and if Demos fails to mention the role of these bankers, whom we allow to create our money out of nothing, in our lives… it fair to conclude that Demos is promoting their interests?

Is it fair to point out that Demos is promoting the agenda of those who finance them?


Are we allowed to imagine a world where management is not pitted against Unions……where the role of the third side of the triangle, the moneylenders is a matter open for discussion?

Are we allowed to notice that the two-sided conflicts manufactured in industry, politics (the left-right paradigm)and elsewhere might possibly be designed to obscure the dominant role of finance in all aspects of our affairs?

Are we allowed to point out that when private interests are allowed to create money out of nothing, the causes to which they lend their money will ALWAYS coincide with THEIR interests?

Are we allowed to mention that this diabolical reality enslaves us all and that people like Demos and all the other government and City of London-funded ‘think-tanks’ are the very groups that are obviously charged with the responsibility of blinding our eyes to the role of international financiers and clearing the ground in order that they might gain the world government THEY SO OBVIOUSLY SEEK.

Demos are going to be explaining themselves to a bunch of conspiract theorists’, the 9/11 ‘Keep Talking’ group here<> on Monday 25th October at 7pm.

Although it will be difficult for me to get there, I hope to attend the event and confront their sneers with a cheerful loathing of Demos, all it is and all it stands for.

Lord Christopher Monckton speaks to Alex Jones for a scintillating hour. Monckton, a maths genius, turned his attention, at the request of a City of London investment group on the ‘green’ ‘climate change’ agenda. They wanted to know if there was anything to it.

He found that there was a very great deal to it but that care for the environment was definitely not the concern of those promoting the ‘global warming’ agenda.

He deduced, with crystalline and infallible logic, that ‘the climate’ was being used as a Trojan Horse for the implementation of centralised global governance.

He calls this Communism or the fulfilment of the Marxist plan. He names the United Nations as one power centre pushing this agenda. He does not identify the international bankers who are the power behind governments, or rather the real government, of nations. He also expresses a touching and naive affection for ‘democracy’, preferring it, as we all should, to an unaccountable and remote tyranny. This, he proclaims, is what any world government will be.

….but lord Monckton is anything but naive. He understands what he can achieve and no one has done more to frustrate the looming New World Order than he.

More power to Monckton. May the other, more senior, good Lord protect him.

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