Former Fox Employee Says the Network Used Attractive People to Promote the Iraq War

Introduction — July 31, 2016

Laurie Luhn

Laurie Luhn

What follows gives new meaning to the term presstitute. And not just because it reveals the way Fox CEO Roger Ailes extracted sexual favours from his attractive female employees. Or that the way that they willingly complied in order to further their own careers, in effect prostituting themselves.
No, what’s really interesting about Laurie Luhn’s revelations is how Fox used what she describes as “attractive people” to promote the Iraq War. So that Fox News reporting became in effect an exercise in marketing military aggression.
Anyone with a grain of common sense and the ability to think for themselves can see that this is how the corporate media works.
However, what’s significant is how Laurie Luhn   is actually proud of her role in reporting the events of 9/11.
Now we know the corporate media has systematically misrepresented what really happened on September 11, 2001, and turned it into a marketing tool for the War on Terror and the invasion of Iraq.
Yet this bimbo — and that’s putting it mildly — is actually proud of her role in this fraud. Nearly 180,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the U.S. led invasion yet Laurie Luhn openly admits that she is “very proud” of her role in selling the war.
In fact Luhn doesn’t even call the 2003 Iraq invasion a war. She calls it a “product”; meaning in effect that it was something to be marketed and sold.
John Swinton is on record as saying words to the effect that journalists are “intellectual prostitutes”. Well Gretchen Carlson proves that she and her kind are lower than the lowest street walker because what they do ultimately leads to havoc and untold misery across the planet. Ed.

Former Fox Employee Says the Network Used Attractive People to Promote the Iraq War

Morgan Baskin — Complex July 30, 2016

Sexual harassment allegations against former Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes have continued to roll in after former host Gretchen Carlson accused him of “sabotag[ing] her career because she refused his sexual advances.” But one in particular—a New York Magazine interview with former Fox talent booker Laurie Luhn—is perhaps the most explicit.

Published Friday, the interview features allegations by Luhn that Ailes “psychologically tortured” and sexually harassed her for 20 years. She claims that Ailes, among other things, blackmailed her with sexual footage, asked her to recruit female subordinates who would be subject to his sexual advances, and demanded that Luhn engage in “sadomasochistic sex with another woman while [Ailes] watched.”

Luhn acknowledges that the interview breached the terms of a $3.15 million settlement she reached with a Fox attorney after she left her job in late 2010.

The interview also gave Luhn a chance to reveal what life is like behind the scenes at Fox: namely, that officials told Luhn to exclusively hire “attractive and articulate” people to make the U.S. invasion of Iraq more palatable. Luhn says:

“I was very proud of the product. I was very proud of how we handled 9/11. Very proud of how we handled the run-up to the Iraq War […] My job was to sell the war. I needed to get people on the air that were attractive and articulate and could convey the importance of this campaign. It was a drumbeat.”

In an interview with the Huffington Post earlier this month, a former Fox employee (who requested anonymity) told reporter Michelle Fields that Ailes “always brags to people about how he doesn’t do polling or testing when he chooses his on-air talent. He told me that if he was thinking of hiring a woman, he’d ask himself if he would fuck her, and if he would, then he’d hire her to be on-camera.”


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