Militants Reportedly Targeting Busy London Locations

Introduction — July 28, 2016

Houses of Parliament, London. Click to enlarge

Houses of Parliament, London. Click to enlarge

In the wake of terror attacks in Nice and Orlando’s gay nightclub we are now being told that militants are eyeing up sites in London as potential targets. Given that the evidence in Nice and Orlando points to both events having been staged, should we be concerned?
Indeed we should. If only because apart from carefully staged events, every so often the powers that be recruit patsies to commit genuine outrages. That may be what is happening in the following report.
Unwitting dupes are recruiting other unwitting dupes to carry attacks. Nor should we be so naive as to assume that the powers that be don’t know about this particular attack. They may well do. In fact at the highest level they may even have sanctioned it and, if they decide to let it go ahead, may well even facilitate it too.
Just as they did with 9/11 and 7/7.
Time is running out for the powers that be and they know it, as more people wake up. To slow this process the elite will use their ultimate psychological weapon: fear. So don’t be surprised if more terror attacks occur, real or staged, to keep the masses in fearful ignorance. Ed.

‘Learn from Nice': Jihadis are recruiting British men to target busy locations such as Big Ben, the London Eye or shopping centres to carry out lone wolf attacks

Sam Tonkin — Daily Mail July 28, 2016

ISIS jihadis are recruiting British men to carry out lone wolf attacks on busy shopping centres and London landmarks such as Big Ben, it has been revealed.

The recruiters are using the encrypted Telegram messaging app to communicate and highlighting atrocities such as Nice and the shooting in Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse as inspiration.

In one instance, jihadi Abu Muslim Khurasani is said to have tried to get an undercover journalist to carry out a car bomb attack on a busy location in the UK.

London Bridge Potter's FeildHe allegedly told the reporter to ‘learn from Nice’, in reference to the truck terror attack on Bastille Day which left 84 dead, and gave him a list of targets including Big Ben and London Bridge, according to The Sun.

It comes months after it was claimed by a source that the ISIS terror cell behind the atrocities in Paris and Brussels planned to target the London Eye. The UK had been the second country that the terrorists wanted to attack, a source said.

After two months of coaching the reporter, using Telegram, the recruiter reportedly then settled on a major shopping centre for a Nice-style attack.

He also sent a bomb-making guide and told the journalist to hide an explosive device in a car after making it from materials which could be bought on the high street for £300.

Khurasani allegedly said: ‘Learn from Nice. Get a car you can park somewhere busy with many people — and a gun you can use at the same time.

‘While sitting in car, use them all (referring to bullets) and quickly press the button. Both things must be in a hurry. No time gap.’

The ISIS recruiter, who claimed to have active jihadi operations in the UK and the US, also reportedly spoke about recent atrocities carried out by the terror group.

He mentioned the attacks in Nice and the shooting in Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse as examples of what jihadis could achieve.

The Sun said evidence gathered as part of the undercover investigation had been handed over to anti-terror police and MI5, who requested that the location of the shopping centre not be revealed.

Khurasani is openly promoted on a jihadi Telegram channel as a recruiter.


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