Letter from India: Good Woman = Happiness

(Corey is a 24-year-old American living in India.)

You can see how important women are to a society. Even though India is so materially screwed up, and nothing here works properly, the people are happy because the women are still good and chaste.

And even though America has so much money and everything is so materially nice there, people are unhappy because the women are mostly whores and vicious sociopaths.

So the value of women in society is extremely high, if the women are good, even if everything else about the country is total shit, the country will still be a happy place. And if the women are bad, then even if everything else about the country is perfect and very nice, the country will be a totally hellish place.


With the degradation of traditional moral culture, the institution of marriage and family is also destroyed, and thus the entire society becomes engaged in immoral activities since there is no strong culture or family to keep them in check.

When sinful activities become common, the women in society become corrupt and polluted. As women lose their purity and innocence; a hellish and intolerable situation is created in society. Consider the following statistics:

-America has an average divorce rate of about 60%

-Since abortion was legalized, over 100 million babies have been murdered in the womb

-the promiscuity rate in America is officially around 30%

-One out of 4 American women under the age of 30 has at least one sexually transmitted disease (STD)

-50% of American women are single, with no husband or boyfriend

-95% of pornography in the world is produced and created in America

As for an example of innocence and purity. At present I am living in a state in eastern India. Young boys and girls (by young, I mean anywhere from 10 to 25 years old) here call each other “brother” and “sister”.

Their culture is so innocent that they do not see each other as sex objects, but as family. The only person they can look at with lusty desires is their own husband or wife, and no one else. It is a very stark contrast to the animalistic hedonistic sex-obsessed culture found in the modern western countries.

On the failure and degradation of traditional moral culture, naturally women become free to act and mix with men (in the name of so-called “equal rights”, or feminism), and thus adultery becomes commonplace. As a result of promiscuity, the institution of marriage and family falls apart, leaving broken families and dysfunctional individuals in their wake.

The modern society teaches that women should be given as much freedom as men, although this has not improved the social condition of the world, as I have already pointed out.

Women are known as the weaker sex, and therefore they require protection at every stage of life. When she is a child she should be given protection by her father, and when she is older she should be protected by her husband.

But modern education, through it’s propagation of misandry (intense distrust or hatred of men), commonly known as feminism, has artificially created a false conception of women’s roles and rights, and therefore marriage is practically now just an imagination in modern society. Nor is the moral condition of women very good now, as we have already documented with facts, statistics, and common sense. Let’s fact it; six characteristics that are generally prominent in the younger generation of American and western women are: immaturity, selfishness, irresponsibility, arrogance, instability, and narcissism.

The psychology of the husband is that he wants his wife to be submissive- chaste and faithful to him. Then the man is ready to take responsibility for the woman. So if the woman agrees to remain faithful and chaste to the man, then the family life will be peaceful. Otherwise, there will be divorce, and the woman and children will be left without protection.

So these are a few thoughts on the causes of the social ills and degradation we are presently witnessing in the modern western countries, as well as a few ideas on how to solve these problems.

I am beginning to wonder if the only truly practical solution at this point to fix the immorality and degradation of the modern society is the implementation of Islamic sharia (law) or some form of theocratic government? But anyway, if anyone’s got a better solution, please share your ideas in the comments section or send me a private email.

Corey Conanza

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