Trump – A Paradigm Shift is Happening

By Anonymous — July 26, 2016

Clinton is unelectable. Her corruption is transparent and her party is divide

Her corruption is transparent and her party is divided. Clinton is unelectable. Unless, of course, the voting is rigged.

We simply cannot have another Clinton Administration.
Trump simply happens to be the person riding the wave of the paradigm shift that takes place in cycles.   No human being creates that shift, though the energy of the collective emotions of the human masses get sucked into it.
You may have noticed that every opponent of Trump hit a streak of blunders and bloopers and could do nothing right suddenly.  That’s already begun at the DNC, and I predict Hillary’s self destruction will be spectacular by mid September.  What happened to Ted Cruz, or Rubio, or Jeb Bush – they weren’t done in by bad media coverage.  They had the full weight of Media and AIPAC behind them all.
A paradigm shift is a time that NOBODY is fully control.  Let me quote something here;
There is an enormous difference between politics as it is normally played – and revolution. A revolutionary waits for the Tide of History and rides it.  He’s like a surfer.  A surfer doesn’t create the wave, but he’s ready for it.  And there are a hundred other people waiting for the same wave. The champion surfer is the one who is ready, takes that wave and rides it in.


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